1. Who in the hell organized this run. The bikes are all over the Highway, taking up all the lanes. One biker passing in car on the emergency lane. Other bikers on the left taking up the passing lane. This run was an accident to happen. This gives bikers a bad name no matter what good the run was doing. Shame on the organizers of the run.

  2. Just bad riding by everyone chasing Jay. The rider in the right lane, squeezes by a truck at highway speed, then passes another truck on the RIGHT SIDE. Then the guy with white saddlebags never slows until he’s right on a bike ahead. The rider with the camera never moves his head right or left until the impact. The bike who careens into the white bike , carrying a passenger is spliting the lane passing the yellow truck again at highway speed and forces the camera rider into the slot. So you have 3 riders abreast in that lane. That was poor riding and judgment on display. If no one was killed or seriously injured that’s a miracle.

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