These Motorcycles Are Made Out Of Humans And Body Paint

October 16, 2012 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – The Progressive International Motorcycle Shows are coming up. So what better way to promote it than to body paint dancers, yoga instructors, aerialists and circus performers, and have them contort their bodies into the shapes of motorcycles?

Advanstar Communications Powersports Group teamed up with i.d.e.a. to do just that.

“We sought to combine the art of the motorcycle with true art, thereby elevating the ads to something people would want to look at, enjoy, and share,” i.d.e.a. said of the campaign, which is set to run in 13 markets nationwide.

Speed TV personality and biker Erin Bates also undressed and painted up to ride the three bikes. A speed bike, cruiser, and dirt bike took 18, 15 and 13.5 hours to make, respectively.

If your back is sore just thinking about it, find comfort in the fact that there were two massage therapists on set at all times.

The dirt bike took 13.5 hours to make.

The cruiser took 15 hours.

And the speed bike took a whopping 18 hours.

Doesn’t that make you want a motorcycle?

SOURCE: Business Insider, Inc.


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