and BRD Motorcycles Announce Partnership

October 10, 2012 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –, the leading social network in off-road motorcycling, and BRD Motorcycles, makers of the groundbreaking RedShift electric motocrosser, are excited to announce a partnership. The organizations share mutual goals to preserve and protect existing riding areas and access rights, develop new riding areas, and strengthen and expand the off-road riding community. Collaborating on the development of BRD’s RedShift electric motocrosser to ensure it is race ready is expected to be just the first step in this partnership.

For BRD, the realMotocross community of over 45,000 riders represents a diverse library of expertise that is an ideal complement to a traditional factory team of test riders.

“Our bikes won’t succeed unless they do everything real riders expect of a full performance motorcycle, and more.” said BRD CEO, Marc Fenigstein. “realMotocross has done an amazing job of connecting racers all over the country to each other, creating a passionate community with a tremendous knowledge, skill and energy and we couldn’t be more excited to involve them directly in our development process.”

Fenigstein continued: “We can’t just build bikes for superhero riders on multi-million dollar race teams. We need to build bikes for the amateurs and privateers that are out there every day or weekend on their own dime – bikes that are making them faster and keeping them on the track day after day. I hope this is an exciting opportunity for riders to get involved in the creation of their bikes – a process they are typically left out of until the vehicles hit the showroom floor.” sees electric as an opportunity to save riding areas and bring new riders into the community. Its creator, Iain Grae: “closing of riding areas, at its root, is most often connected with noise complaints. Electric has always promised a solution to that problem, but until the RedShift it was just too much of a compromise in riding experience for a racer like me to embrace. I’ve ridden the RedShift MX and it is every bit of a motocrosser and then some.”

Grae continued: “I think we can not only save threatened riding areas, but even open up new ones in urban and suburban centers. It’s not just a matter of convenience – the more people ride or personally know riders, the easier it is to avoid conflicts over riding areas between two communities that simply don’t know each other. Maybe more importantly, a bike that does not require shifting or a clutch will usher in new riders to the sport.”

Specifics on the partnership will unfold over the coming months. In the meantime, check out the BRD RedShift MX page on realMotocross for development and an opportunity to voice your opinions on riding areas, motorcycle features and capability, and the emergence of electric bikes.

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