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D2M Creates Platform For Manufacturers To Manage Dealer-Direct Sales

SOUTHLAKE, TX – October 9, 2012 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  The businesses in all industries are seeing a paradigm shift, but has your business model progressed? Instead of the traditional 2-step distribution model, many manufacturers are now eliminating the middleman and utilizing technology to directly to their dealers. To facilitate this process, D2M is now offering manufacturers a true alternative to access to dealers via an interactive b2b site, complete with “live” catalogs and a host of technological advancements to keep their businesses on track in this rapidly changing environment.

“We believe its time it’s time manufacturers took control of their products, particularly when it comes to distribution,” says D2M’s chief of marketing, Josh Whitaker. “We have created a simple, truly effective interface for the dealers,” he adds. “Now that we have been adopted by the dealers, we feel it is time to show manufacturers just how effective D2M can be for them… we’re inviting manufacturers to consider the advantages of D2M, and start working directly with their customers.”

Whitaker notes that the new business model is not limited to brands that sell dealer-direct. “It can be equally beneficial for brands that are currently sold through standard distribution channels as well. Less cost = more margin for the brand, which can help the dealer and ultimately even the end customer.”

To sweeten the deal, D2M is offering access to its b2b site with a fully automated ordering system, interactive catalogs which are updated 24/7, accounts receivable management and vastly improved functionality, for zero upfront costs! “We are happy to post sales programs, price sheets, catalog updates, inventory reports, and anything else that a manufacturer may need to communicate to their dealer network,” explains Whitaker. “We have virtually eliminated the need for inventory checks or tracking number requests.”

D2M’s technological advancements making news recently include the launch of a live-chat feature for real-time assistance and a partnership with the world’s largest digital publisher, PixelMags, ensures unmatched product catalog access and enhances user interaction. “Our D2M acronym stands for ‘Direct 2 Manufacturer’ and we are remain focused on providing a conduit between dealers and their manufacturers,” adds co-founder Tim Pritchard.

“This means orders are shipped straight from the manufacturers directly to the dealerships, which reduces ordering time and increases dealer margin,” says Pritchard. “Best of all, the service is provided to the manufacturers at an incredibly low cost — a small fraction of what the 2-step distributors charge. In fact, several of the services we provide are free to the manufacturers so dealers win!”

Additional benefits offered by D2M’s vendor management portal include:

  • Price – You set the price. Dealer price, MSRP. Price changes are dynamic through the system and catalog
  • Inventory – manage inventory levels, updated daily, hourly or minute by minute
  • Product – You choose what product you want to sell to dealers.  Put your complete product line in the system or choose specific items that don’t conflict with your current channels.
  • Images – you can change images at any time.  Have an updated image, just add it.  Add up to 12 images of each item.  Online merchandising sells products.
  • Tracking – update tracking status daily.  Communicate with the dealers and let them know when and what items shipped.
  • Shipping policies – You set the shipping policy.  With complete control of your product line, you have the ability to set and change the shipping policies to your customers.
  • Sales programs – Have a new program…roll it out.  Want to change a program, add a “deal of the day” you can do it.
  • White Label — Want dealers to order through your branded portal? No problem, D2M has you covered. Manufacturers now have the ability to “brand” their very own dealer ordering website using the D2M platform.

Don’t get stuck doing the same old 2-step! “Tired of someone else calling the tune for how you get your products to market? D2M believes it is time for some real rock and roll to shake things up,” suggests Whitaker. “Basically the new business model calls for a new dance partner and D2M has stepped up to meet the paradigm shift head on!”

About D2M
Direct 2 Manufacturer LLC is a service provider helping manufacturers in the powersports and action sports industries do business directly with the dealers, eliminating the need of pushing products through traditional two-step distributors by providing technology, sales and marketing management as well as logistics services. D2M currently works with more than 40 manufacturers from all over the world. D2M is a privately held company with its headquarters based in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX.   www.d2m-orders.com