Motorcycle Safety Foundation to Debut Research Papers at Ninth ifz/MSF International Motorcycle Safety Conference in Germany

IRVINE, CA – August 21, 2012 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – The Motorcycle Safety Foundation takes another step forward in increasing its presence in the global safety community by presenting two peer-reviewed papers at the Ninth ifz/MSF International Motorcycle Safety Conference to be held in Cologne, Germany, on Oct. 1-2, 2012. The MSF is a longtime supporter and co-organizer of this event, which represents a unique exchange of scholarship covering all aspects related to powered two-wheelers.

MSF presenters are Drs. Ray Ochs and Sherry Williams. Dr. Ochs, MSF vice president of training systems, will present the paper he authored, “Hazard Recognition Training Programs and Their Relationship to Executive Functions in Motorcyclists,” while Dr. Williams, MSF’s director of quality assurance and research, will deliver her research paper, “The Effects of Safety Renewal on Crash Avoidance Skills, Rider Judgment and Knowledge: Results from ‘The Discovery Project.’”

“Two of the key components to MSF’s mission are to initiate and maintain high-quality research and to communicate with other like-minded organizations to improve the success of riders on the roads and highways,” said MSF Vice President Robert Gladden. “We are very fortunate to have Dr. Ochs and Dr. Williams, as well as Dr. Jim Heideman, who will also be participating in the ifz/MSF conference, on staff. They are tremendously talented academics who help the Foundation achieve its purpose.”

MSF’s presence at this respected international event also includes chairing multiple sessions. Dr. Ochs is scheduled to chair the session where Dr. Williams is presenting her paper, and Dr. Williams is chairing a session on Riders. Additionally, Dr. Heideman, MSF’s director of licensing programs, is also attending the conference on behalf of MSF and is chairing a session on Trends. For more details on the Ninth ifz/MSF International Motorcycle Safety Conference:

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