VROOM Network Hits The Launch Button

August 5, 2012 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – The VROOM Network, founded and driven by industry veteran Eric Anderson, is a group of highly adaptable thought leaders specializing in the powersports industry. They have built brands from scratch and fueled others to new heights. The team knows what it takes to build a brand and is not afraid to do the heavy lifting to build long-term business for its clients. More information is available at their new website at www.vroomnetwork.com. Connect with VROOM Network at Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube.

“Whether you are a local dealer or a major manufacturer, your challenges are quite similar — you need to sell more,” says Anderson. “Without a fresh viewpoint and rapid adaptation to the new landscapes of business, you could easily be swept under the carpet and forgotten.” Follow Eric’s comments and insights into the industry on his website, upcoming blog and by reading his long-running trade magazine column, “Confessions of a Customer™.” The column, now also on VROOM Network’s YouTube channel, is known for its unique outlook on “buy-o-logy”–the study of businesses as seen through the customer’s eyes and pocketbook. “Likenomics,” the new currency of social media, is also a recent and relevant topic covered by Anderson’s business, videos and column.

VROOM Network specializes in powersports start-ups, sales training, public relations, marketing, channel management and business revitalization. Larger dealers, foreign manufacturers, owners of game-changing technologies, consumer-based research companies and those in need of building or re-building a brand are potential clients. VROOM Network and Anderson continue to build the PowersportsU e-learning site for aftermarket brands. The team at VROOM Network is scalable to your specific needs while they “…get you there” as their tagline communicates.

About VROOM Network
VROOM Network specializes in branding, marketing, training and sales development for the aftermarket and retail sectors of the powersports industry. As a degreed educator and coach, Eric Anderson and his team can be your business’ personal trainer to assist in achieving new levels of performance. You have to make the first move. Contact us at eric@vroomnetwork.com or call 949-874-2645.