JIMS Black Welded Handcrafted Covers

June 1, 2012 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Due to the overwhelming success of JIMS® new Welded Handcrafted Covers, these RawCut & Welded designs are now available in black! Born from the same precision-machined quality you would expect from JIMS, these covers will update your bike to a tough, handcrafted look.

Plated with a unique UV resistant black anodized finish for a look that may not be for everyone, but will have custom builders and rugged old-schoolers going nuts! Unlike many aftermarket covers, JIMS® Handcrafted Welded Cam Covers are designed to fit around your stock exhaust.

These covers and both style transmission side covers feature a clean & precision cut fin pack design to aid in cooling and bring out to the handcrafted look. They all share the same custom, hand-made welds that create the RawCut look we were after. Even JIMS® Pushrod Cover Tubes boast the same black anodized finish to match their welded counterparts. Applications do vary and gaskets and hardware are included, for more information please visit us at www.jimsusa.com, find us on Facebook, or call 805-482-6913.



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  1. Thinking seriously about purchasing one of your, 135 BLACK engines in the near future. Just was wondering, if you put the new old school cam cover, pushrod tubes, and lifter blocks on it? YES, they look awesome, and would look nice, when people start asking questions. Be good PR, from my part of the country. Very Nice!!!! Hope to hear a reply. Thanks.

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