Yamaha has Filed a Lawsuit Regarding Copying of Product Design

JAPAN – April 5, 2012 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. filed a suit against Eco Trade Co., Ltd. (based in Oita Prefecture, Japan) and Taiseienter Co., Ltd. (also based in Oita Prefecture) today in the Tokyo District Court. This suit states that both companies’ activities, including the manufacture and sale of specific electric motorcycles, amount to the copying of Yamaha Motor’s “Gear”* model product design and therefore fall under the category of “acts of unfair competition.” Yamaha Motor seeks compensation as well as an injunction against the manufacture and sale of these electric motorcycles.

Yamaha Motor had attempted to reach an amicable resolution with both companies as to this issue through negotiation, but was compelled to file the lawsuit as it was determined that it would be difficult to resolve the issue through negotiation.

Yamaha Motor counts its intellectual property rights as core management resources, and will continue to vigorously prosecute any infringement upon them that impedes an environment of fair competition.

*Related Yamaha Motor products in this lawsuit: “Gear” series including the “Gear BX50” and “Gear BX50N”

Sales Since October 2007
Units shipped 39,917 units (as of December 2011)
・Displacement/Engine 49cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled
・Reference price 220,500-231,000 yen (2,800 USD) (Incl. sales tax)
・Distinction Pioneered the new face of business/commercial-use scooters
・Targeted users Newspaper distributors and other businesses



  1. Like that never happens to the United States when China decides that they will just run with one of our issued patents and infringe and not one damn thing can be done about it. It’s not right but good luck anyhow. Suggestion: How about taking that money for court against the other scooter companies (really??!!) and actually come up with a more diverse motorcycle model line for dual sport? Right now you are the laughing stock of the United States. Unbelievable.

  2. It happens in the USA all the time, specifically China infringing on our patents. But good luck with your little scooter dilemma. What a waste of time. Hey how about if you actually take the time and money that you are using to go after this “small potatoes” issue and actually concentrate on improving your motorcycle product line? Specifically the dual sport line. Right now it has got to be the weakest motorcycle line on the planet. It’s actually the laughing stock of riding world in the US for sure. Also, work on more tech to develop a V-twin that actually someone would be proud to actually race (in AMA GNC Flat Track and AMA Road Race), rather than cruise! You have the platforms to start with already, you just have to start using your head. Do I have to do everything here? Hurry!

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