Motorcycle Riders Prefer to Wear Helmets Despite Helmet Law Repeal

FLINT TOWNSHIP, MI – April 1, 2012 – Some local motorcycle enthusiasts say they still will wear a helmet — even if the state stops making them.

The reasons? Insurance costs and safety — although most understand why some bikers prefer to go without a helmet.

Vehicle City Sales Representative Angel Coon said she was convinced after a family friend fell off the back of a motorcycle.

“I would wear a helmet, but people can do whatever they want,” Coon said.

She understands, though, why some riders don’t want to wear them. They like the look and the free feeling.

“They like the feeling of the wind in their hair. I feel like people on Harley’s do it to get away from rules and from people telling them what they have to wear,” Coon said. “A lot of the older riders…

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SOURCE: The Flint Journal