Motorsports Liquidator: Our Odd Situation Continues

VERONA, WI – March 27, 2012 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Back on February 8th Motorsports Liquidator, the purchaser of unproductive excess aftermarket inventory announced it found itself in rather odd position. They were having trouble spending money.

“Our odd situation continues. Who would have ever thought a business’ biggest problem would be finding ways to spend money, but that is exactly where we find ourselves” Simms said. “ Every business that’s been around any amount of time has product that didn’t sell for some reason. We’re doing everything we can think of to find and buy this inventory. The challenge we encounter most often once we’ve found some products to buy, potential sellers not realizing there has been an erosion of value over time. Everyone in business has to keep in mind everything has a shelf life; the determining factor is speed of decay.”

Please Help Us Spend Some Money, We’re Begging You

Motorsports Liquidator needs to know what they can do to help you rid your business of dead, unproductive, excess inventory. They’re open to any and all suggestions and are begging for your help. Please contact them A.S.A.P. via email, website or just give them a call at 608-347-3963

The Motorsports Liquidator specializes in the acquisition and sale of unproductive excess aftermarket inventory. These products are sold exclusively to powersports and motorsports professionals. Motorsports Liquidator never sells to the general public. Sales transactions are initiated though a variety of sales channels including; but not limited to, direct sale to dealers, our monthly warehouse sale, dealer only auctions where select items are sold absolute (no reserve) through our arrangement with Manheim Specialty Auctions. Motorsports Liquidator is a wholly owned entity of SiMMS Motorsports Marketing, LLC.

Specializing in distribution of corporate communications, acquisition and liquidation of excess inventory as well special event promotion for the motorsports and powersports industries. It is our mission to make you more productive, more accurate, more efficient and more effective.