GS Battery Expands Engineering Test Lab Capabilities

ROSWELL, GA – February 16, 2012 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – GS Battery (USA) Inc., announced it has completed the initial phase of enhancements to its in-house engineering test lab.  Located at the GS Battery headquarters in Roswell, Georgia, the test lab internally supports quality system requirements while externally supporting customers’ testing and product performance needs.

GSB has the capability to perform testing on a wide range of cell chemistries and battery types from 1Ah up to 3,000Ah capacities.   Multi-channel test equipment, environmental chambers, and life cycle testing circuits are some of the recent additions.  These enhancements, when combined with existing testing equipment, expand the range and quantity of products which can be analyzed in-house.

Jay Northey, Executive Vice-President and General Manager, GS Battery (USA) Inc., commented, “GS Battery and our parent, GS Yuasa International in Japan have a long tradition of high quality and innovative products backed by a strict compliance testing policy.  Our new test lab allows GS Battery to expand on this tradition as well as support our customers’ testing requirements.”

“GSB drew upon the strong engineering background and support of GS Yuasa International, in fitting our lab with testing equipment,” said Jeff Hires, Engineering Manager, GS Battery (USA) Inc.  “We have the equipment and expertise to perform a wide range of our customers’ test requirements in the automotive, powersports, telecom and renewable energy industries.”

Testing in the lab is under the direction of Dr. Phuong Nguyen, who received her PhD in Chemical Engineering from a joint program between De la Salle University (Philippines) and Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan).  “Dr. Nguyen has vast experience in a laboratory setting and with the GS Battery testing regime, and our customers’ are benefiting from her technical expertise,” said Jay Northey.

About GS Battery (USA) Inc.

GS Battery (USA) Inc. is an American subsidiary of GS Yuasa Group of Japan, a world leader in automotive, motorcycle and standby storage batteries, which serves the power sports, telecommunications, UPS, and the emergency lighting markets. GS Battery’s newest mission is to enter the renewable energy market with photovoltaic and energy storage in North America.  For more information on GS Battery (USA) Inc., call 1-800-GSBATRY or visit

SOURCE: GS Battery (USA) Inc.