A Legend is Reborn: ITP Unveils All-New Turf Tamers

ONTARIO, CA – February 14, 2012 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – In the beginning there was ATV racing, and it was good. But the tires on those early three-wheelers? Not so much. Then came a tire that changed everything. The Turf Tamer provided stability, handling and traction that was unheard of in those early days of the sport. If a rider wanted to be competitive, he or she used Turf Tamers—there was no choice. And the Turf Tamer not only set the standard back then, it served as the blueprint for generations of performance ATV tires to come. Look at any sport quad tire today and you can easily see the resemblance to the original Turf Tamer.

In the annals of ATV history, the Turf Tamer deserves a standing ovation. Now, ITP is bringing it back for an encore, updated and better than ever.

The ITP Turf Tamer Classic is made in the USA and returns in two models. Both utilize a strong, lightweight, 2-ply carcass that’s been re-engineered to accommodate the characteristics of today’s 4-stroke sport quad models. It provides unmatched durability as well as excellent handling and ride. Their proven dimpled knob design and an advanced tread compound delivers exceptional traction and long life.

Joining the Turf Tamer Classic is the Classic MX model, which features pre-grooved tread—an industry first. This pre-grooving adds an extra degree of performance on loose, loamy track surfaces. The ITP Turf Tamer Classic and Classic MX are reborn in 18×10-8 rear sizing, at a price that’s as competitive as the legendary tire itself.

ITP is proud to celebrate its 30th anniversary this year. Since 1982, ITP has grown into the world’s #1 ATV/UTV aftermarket tire and wheel source, and continues to provide a complete line of innovative tires and wheels for virtually all ATVs and UTVs. For a copy of ITP’s full-color product catalog, call toll-free: 1-800-859-4740. For other inquiries or technical advice, contact ITP at 1990 S. Vintage Ave., Ontario, CA 91761; (909) 390-1905. Or visit ITP’s website at www.itptires.com.