Küryakyn Courses Go Live!

Time For Dealers To Put Their Thinking Caps On At PowersportsU™

IRVINE, CA – January 27, 2012 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Küryakyn has been the industry leader in improving and beautifying motorcycles for more years than most dealerships have been around. However, this proud history doesn’t mean they are mired in tradition… far from it! In addition to bringing more than 300 new products to market every year, Kürykyn is also the latest leading brand to go live with an interactive online training program at PowersportsU™ (www.PowersportsU.com).

Both Küryakyn and PowersportsU™ operate under the belief that education is an ongoing process rather than a one-time event. “But be warned, you will really have to put your thinking caps to earn your diploma from Küryakyn,” says sales manager Dan Gorowsky. “Because Küryakyn literally brings a new product to market every business day of  the year, there are four full courses in the latest PowersportsU™ learning program.”

Depending on your focus, you can opt for the Metric module or the V-Twin version of the educational track. The good news is that you still only have to pass three of the classes to graduate, “but you might want to earn a little extra credit with your customers by taking the second product course,” suggests Gorowsky. Instead of a mortarboard, part of the swag used as incentives to Küryakyn graduates is a vintage baseball cap.

In addition to the four new Küryakyn modules, PSU’s current roster of training courses includes Mustang Seats, Performance Machine, Progressive Suspension, Renthal and Vance & Hines. These programs also dovetail with brand‑specific, technically-oriented field training, conducted by Küryakyn at major events and rallies across the country.

PowersportsU™ is free to any user. To find out more and register, visit www.PowersportsU.com or if you will be attending the Dealernews International Powersports Dealer Expo in Indianapolis, stop by Booth #1627 to learn what else is new at PowersportsU™.

About PowersportsU.com — Many aftermarket products manufacturers are posting sales courses on PowersportsU to enable wholesale and retail sales personnel to improve their skills and product knowledge. Initial courses cover the basics of “The Brand,” “Technical Features & Benefits” and “How to Display & Sell.” Knowledge is power and in these days of increasing competitive pressures, it has never been more important to become totally familiar with what you sell.  Powersports University is here to help with product knowledge and selling skills, tips and techniques delivered to you via the Internet 24 hours a day… at your convenience. Enroll now and be on your way to better success in the actively changing powersports industry.

About Küryakyn —Küryakyn has been in the business of improving and beautifying motorcycles since before many of today’s riders “ran‘er through the gears” for the first time. Unlike a large segment of the industry, we’ve learned that the bandwagon usually doesn’t lead the parade. Each Küryakyn accessory is intended to look fantastic by itself, but is usually a member of a group of parts that combine to create a “look”. This allows each rider to add accessories a couple at a time, or go for the full complement all at once, without the end result looking like an arbitrary hodgepodge of parts that can leave you wondering if they were all supposed to go on the same bike. If you desire additional information, or have questions, we welcome your call or letter. Our well trained sales staff and technical department will be glad to assist you. At Küryakyn, ideas are born from a passion for motorcycles that spans 145 years of combined experience and active participation in the sport. Our ideas are products of creative minds that realize a motorcycle isn’t simply a means of transportation, but rather a representation of a person’s very identity. At Küryakyn we believe innovation is manufactured at the intersection of Performance and Style.