New 2- and 3-year leasing program now available at Scott Fischer Enterprises Harley-Davidson

FT MYERS, FL – January 26, 2012 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Chrome Capital, a Naples, FL-based finance company has inked dealership agreements with ScottFischer Enterprises to support their Naples and Ft Myers Harley-Davidson® dealerships with Chrome’s TestRide™, an innovative leasing program designed to put more riders on more Harley-Davidson® motorcycles.

Chrome’s TestRide™ means customers can ride a Harley® motorcycle for two or three years with no further obligation. When the TestRide™ period comes to an end, the customer has options, not obligations. Chrome’s lease affords the customer all end-of-lease options available through a standard vehicle lease: purchase the bike, renew the lease, or return the bike to the dealer.

“The TestRide product represents an important component to help Harley dealers add incremental sales each month. Chrome has designed an authentic lease program that allows many of our customers to realize their dream of riding a Harley®. We really like that Chrome’s solution is applicable to all credit tiers for all of the right reasons. Being able to offer a lease on a Harley amplifies the effect on our monthly sales figures”, says Scott Fischer, principal at Scott Fischer Enterprises and owner of Naples Harley-Davidson and Ft. Myers Harley-Davidson.

“Beingable to offer a lease for a new or used Harley® is a distinct advantage that allows us to add customers who might otherwise not leave the store with a bike,” says Gil Gibson, General Manager of Ft Myers Harley-Davidson. “The TestRide™ lease product addresses many of our customers’ preference of trading/upgrading every three years, with no loan obligations at year threefound with the traditional finance products.” Mr. Gibson elaborates, “I really like offering the TestRide™ lease to our H-D Rider’s Edge® graduates. They are new riders, so offering a way to get them riding without a big capital outlay or long term commitment helps turn them into customers sooner than later.” Rider’s Edge® is Harley-Davidson’s training class for novice riders.

Chrome Capital’s dealer relationships currently stretch from New Jersey to Florida, and the company aims to sign on the top 200 U.S. Harley-Davidson dealerships by the end of 2012. Chrome Capital is led by a seasoned management team including Peter E. Wasmer, CEO; Stephen J Swain, CFO; and Brian Cramer, Vice President of Dealer Development and Marketing.

Media Contact: Peter Wasmer, President.