Delticom/Pnebo: Let's Roll … with the New Scooter Tires from GoldenTyre

Scooter campaign at GoldenTyre – Riding scooters in any weather

HANOVER, GERMANY – January 24, 2012 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – The trend towards retro scooters – sporty and stylish models often with cool modifications – as well as to large performance scooters, is increasingly apparent in urban areas, where there is demand for hip, two-wheeled transportation. Whether suited to business or sports, whether classic or glamorous – scooters are buzzing around our streets and our cities. Cheap mobility, twinned with great everyday usability, is forging enthusiasm in the young and old alike. The situation regarding driver’s licenses is just another of the many reasons for scooters’ current popularity.

The renowned Italian tire brand GoldenTyre, already well-established in the motorsports world, has recognized this trend and is introducing a new range of tires for scooters in 2012. GoldenTyre is revving up with an attractive range in new treads and sizes. The developers have tailored all of the new scooter-tire models to driver’s needs, and especially for everyday use in any weather.

GT 75 M+S

With the new GT 75 M+S, scooter riders can now brave even wintry or other unpleasant weather conditions, such as wet and slippery driving surfaces – they are ready for anything. Experts recommend riding with a lower tire inflation pressure in the cold season; with its reinforced carcass, this tire offers added safety and optimum grip in exactly these conditions. Its special sipe design, tailored to M+S requirements, does a superb job in wet conditions, in snow, or in slush. The GT 75 M+S winter tire for scooters is available in 10-, 12-, and 14-inch sizes. All sizes are RF designated (reinforced), with increased weight-bearing capacity – and are therefore also suitable for heavy scooter models.

Available sizes:

  • 100/80-10 TLS 58P RF M+S
  • 120/70-12 TLS 58 PRF M+S
  • 140/60-14 TLS 64P RF M+S

Additional sizes will follow during the year:

GT 070/071 for high-powered performance scooters

The scooter with the power of a motorcycle. Large-displacement performance scooters with power specifications over 50PS are in strong demand. The German motorcycle and car manufacturer BMW recently presented two new performance scooter models at the Milan trade fair: the BMW C 600 Sport and C650 GT EICMA. Most vehicles in this high-power scooter segment run on 15-inch radial tires with the latest tire technology, perfectly suited to everyday street use and to medium-length trips.

Available sizes:

  • 120/70-R15 TLS 56H
  • 160/60-R15 TLS 67H

GT 070 M – ideal for the Honda Monkey / Honda DAX

The GT 70M is a modern scooter tire with a classic tread pattern based on the original tires of the Honda Monkey – the 1960s cult bike.

Available size:

  • 3.50-10 TT 51J

GT 104WW

The new tread pattern was developed for fans of hip new retro scooters with modern 12-inch tires. From 2012, GoldenTyre also offers 10-inch tires – in the size 3.50-10, an optimum fit for old Vespas. All-round talent for the street: The GT 104 WW delivers excellent everyday usability – whether for city riding or for weekend excursions.

Available sizes:

  • 3.50-10 TT 59J
  • 120/70-12 TLS 58P
  • 130/70-12 TLS 62P

Delticom/Pnebo is the exclusive GoldenTyre distributor for Germany.
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