Chrome Capital’s Testride Gets Mid-Atlantic Motorcycle Riders Out of Showrooms and onto Their Bikes Faster Than Ever

New 2- and 3-year leasing program now available at Rommel Harley-Davidson
dealerships in New Castle and Smyrna, DE, and Annapolis, MD

NEW CASTLE, DE – January 19, 2012 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Chrome Capital, a Naples, FL-based finance company, has signed dealership agreements with Rommel Harley-Davidson, formerly Mike’s Famous Harley-Davidson and Harley-Davidson of Annapolis, to support their New Castle, Smyrna, and Annapolis Harley-Davidson dealerships with Chrome’s TestRide™, an innovative leasing program designed to put more riders on more Harley-Davidson® motorcycles.

Chrome’s TestRide™ means customers can ride a Harley® motorcycle for two or three years with no further obligation. When the TestRide™ period comes to an end, the customer has options, not obligations. Chrome’s lease affords the customer all end-of-lease options available through a standard vehicle lease: purchase the bike, renew the lease, or return the bike to the dealer.

“TestRide™ is a revolutionary step forward to help Harley dealers generate additional revenue each month. Chrome’s lease pricing is spot on, and provides an exciting opportunity for our customers to realize their dream of riding a Harley® motorcycle today,” says Brad Hopkins, Rommel Harley-Davidson’s President.

“Having an alternative to traditional financing is a real competitive advantage for our dealerships,” says Aaron Joyner, General Sales Manager of Rommel Harley-Davidson. “The TestRide™ lease product addresses many of our customers’ preference of trading/upgrading every three years, while alleviating any loan obligations at year three found with the traditional finance products.” Mr. Joyner continues, “In my book, the big winners are the newest riders. All new H-D Rider’s Edge® graduates are presented the TestRideTM lease. It’s the perfect way to ride a Harley® motorcycle without a long-term commitment on their first bike.” Rider’s Edge® is Harley-Davidson’s training class for novice riders.

Chrome Capital’s dealer relationships currently stretch from New Jersey to Florida, and the company aims to sign on the top 200 U.S. Harley-Davidson dealerships by the end of 2012. Chrome Capital is led by a seasoned management team including Peter E. Wasmer, CEO; Stephen J Swain, CFO; and Brian Cramer, Vice President of Dealer Development and Marketing.

Media Contact: Peter Wasmer, President.


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