1. Jr should win his bike is awesome, the others don’t stand a chance, his bike is simply a better bike than theirs is and looks better, WAY TO GO PJD!!!!!

  2. keep it up jesse, them tuttels are ass holes. keep it clean, dont show ya dirty laundry like the ass holes.

    • jesse is an asshole he needs a job so he olpened his big grease face started talking shit so he could get this build off n maybe a job. i see jesses bike style everywhere you never see pjd bike jesses builds honda like bikes but pjd builds straight up art! jesse james is a joke pjd is going to be the most successfull out of his dad n jesse who

  3. MAN…. PJD is killin em with his design. My Vote is for that cat……he is by far the best builder today…..Jessy had his time, and Sr….its a new age brother, you should be supper proud of your son…..

  4. Iam from Puerto Rico . I never miss your show. Is incredible. Thanks for the show is the best. And the best bike Paul Jr. Bike


  6. jesse thank u for staying old school,,, man i love your bike wish i could afford it but seeing it its a pleasure in its self must share a story when my wife was preganant of our daughter milinda was to be born we had no car but i did have a honda 350 i took her on the kennedy x press way in chicago to hospital she had no contraction the whole way about 40 miles she gave birth to our daughter and we had no name so we named her milinda after my bike true story my daughter is now 29 years old bike is since long gone after i was hit by a drunk driver i nevver rode again …………..

  7. Jessie is soooo old school, wtf–he builds scooters that not even a ole” biker would want…really… it would not make it to STURGIS!! When was the last time he was at Sturgis? It IS FULL OF YUPPIES WITH motor homes and trailer ed biker wannabes . wow, the ego is in full throttle, hope Paul jr wins.

  8. Jesse James builds a real bike, from scratch with HIS OWN hands, his parts arent built FOR him by SOMEBODY ELSE in ANOTHER shop!!!!! GO JESSE….THE REAL KING OF BIKE BUILDING!!!!!!

  9. I like Paul Jr’s bike. It has more style, intuity. It looks like anxawsome motorcycle. Xcellent!


  11. JJ, build a real bike or GO AWAY. PJr. has more talent in his excrement than you do in your entire life.

  12. Paul jr bike is the best.jesse bike sucks,he talks a lot of ship,what a pussy.junior bike all the way is the sinner

  13. Hey Jesse I guess Paul Jr. Shut your ass up big time. It’s always guys like you who does so much smack talk that at the end you got your ASS handed to you. So now go back to your little one man shop and let Paul Jr. And his skilled crew take over the Chopper building industry. Go make some horse shoe with your black smith skills your such a punk. The world has spoken & Paul Jr. Is the master bike builder in the world, now Paul Sr. Needs to retire. Great job Paul Jr. You shocked the world.

  14. jesse james should not have been welcomed in this biker challenge. In the begining, when jesse had that show Monster Garrage, he’s been a cry baby,a punk, and an awefull representative of the discovery channel…

  15. I am a Big fan of Jesse James but this time his bike do not look like one of hisBest creations but I know his got what it takes to make a killer chopper like no other

  16. Got much respect for both Paul jr. and Jessie James, what we have here is simply a difference in style. Jessie’s a damn good fabricator an awesome bike builder, but all his bikes have the same style. Paul jr has proven to be just as good a fabricator if not better, because he’s inventive and more creative, Jr wins hand down.

  17. I think PJD has it all over the others, jessee James n SR have no class in themselves or their bikes. To much mouth not enough words SR doesn’t do any of the work nor did jessee.

    • watch the show, hell check into what you are trying to say. Jesse is the only one who builds everything.

  18. Hi I’ve watch Sr and Jr since they began, Jesse seemed like he couldn’t make up his mind what he wanted to say, noththing but a trash talker who can’t back it up and Sr is the same way. Paul jr is the only one who didn’t talk trash and he was the one who backed up that he builds the best bikes. Twice now he has bit his dad and Paul sr still can’t acknowledge his son is a great bike builder who made OCC and now PJD, looks like he knows what he’s doing after all. Thanks Discovery for a great show Steve Offret West Valley City, Utah

  19. Jesse james is the real deal!! How do you even think about comparing paul sr and jr to jesse james. Keep it up jesse!! Mad respect

  20. Jesse,s bike,s all look about the same:1.Cant see over handle bars,2.Your ass is two inches off the ground ,3.Look like you need a back brace,4,You have your “Famous” six shooter look.5. Ridged frame.(less welding) .
    The name out front say,s J.R.”DESIGN” not J.R. CLONING.
    I also think that the tank in Easy Rider movie was a 1 Gal peanut tank.

    • eazy rider was just that a movie. that comment shows you know nothing about riding a real mans bike. Rolex rider.

  21. Jesse used to be the man. Then he became the jerk.Now he,s a big mouth
    trying to win over the 1 % rs. with his want to be bad ass attitude so he can sell to them.He ran off the stage like a little girl. Atleased SR. walked over to
    Jesse showed no class through the whole show.
    P.S. Jesse I thought you were going to build it all by your self ” NOT “

  22. jesse’s act is tired. While I acknowledge at one time he was a real talent he is now a shell of his old self. I felt sorry for him. In the old days he would have just kept his cool mouth shut and produced something stunning. He now seems to be caught in a time warp in his personal and bike building style centered around Altamount. As far as riding, did you see how far to the side he had to look past the trees to see over the handlebars. Looked more like a monkey f— a football than something you could ever ride any distance or for that matter down to the corner store, unless you were going to pick up your herione. If this was a contest to build a bike for a convicted felon he would win hands down. If he was trying to come off looking cool in this contest, he failed; and loose the leather jacket.

    Paul Sr. pushed the envelope, or should I say Jason did, but I think he failed in the effort. Paul Jr. produced something pretty different and unique, although I worry he seems to be lost in the theme game.

  23. jesse has the only bike that anyone who knows how to ride a real bike would choose. this buld off was to make a chopper. Sr. made what ever you want to call it. Jr. build (put together) a bike that looked like a peace of art. NOT a chopper. Jesse is the only one who as the title for this show was call BUILT (by hand) a real chopper.

    • Lonnie ? Is that a girls name ?

      Im 67 yrs old I,ve owned 7 harley,s since 1960. Rolex I dont think so !

      Jesse,s bike was nice,but it didnt stand out. ( CLONE )

      P.S. Peanut tanks were real popular in the 60 s 70 s Get out your old (if you have any ) Easy Riders mags.They wasnt just for the movies you idiot.

      Are you sure Lonnie is not a girls name????????
      Its spelled like one.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • sure am a chic, you want to suck my clit? It sounds like your a fag that has had 7 bikes and never really rode one. because none of those other bikes could handle the a real biker build off, thats why the didn’t have to ride to the event. with that said im glad you voted for that dust collector. as for the peanut tank. there are more made and sold then any other tank. So stay old and dumb.

  24. Really, a bike with a seat like that?? That would be a hard ride! What a joke!
    Jesse should have won. Jr’s bike looks like it should be in a glass case for show, not for riding.

  25. Hands down Jr had the best bike on the stage. Ole school, yeah nice bike Jesse, but it was what it is “new paint on and old bike.” Sr. can I borrow your bike to mow my lawn. In any event, Jesse you need to show more class to your competitors. Your attitude during the entire show was one of a condescending, arrogant, and no respect for others. You had your hay day, and it’s over. Your bikes are nice, but they are all the same. Give some credit where credit is due, PJD had a very nice bike with an innovative design. This took some careful thought and planning. On the opening show of the new season, give Paul Jr. an apology, and congratulate him on his superior bike. PJD earned it, and the fans recognized PJD for it.

  26. I watch the show every week. I think Jr. builds the best bikes between him and Sr. BTW – What the hell was that thing OCC built for the build off? It looks fun to ride around on for a few minutes, but I think for a “bike build-off” OCCC should have taken it more serious.

    I used to watch Jessie all the time when he had a show, but he seems to have lost it. His bike looked good, but also very uncomfortable to ride. I can’t wait for Rick to go to work at PJD! They would do well together.

  27. Jr. won without a doubt!!!! All s–t head can do is talk trash. I thought jj was going to build it by himself. O thats right just more trash talk.

  28. All You side line generic so called bikers dont have a clue.paul sr. and jr. are biker assemblers.yeah jrs. bike looks bad ass ,but ride it across the US and back bet you wont make it your ass will hurt plus ur back from pushing it .jj might be old school but his steel horse is all jj hand made and will travel with out any break downs.bottom line jj shit is the real deal. jj rock on your fan ratfink6996

  29. jesse james is a REAL BIKE BUILDER. and that bike will LAST!! id be suprised if the animated bikes will still be around in 15 years and not in a storage shed with pieces falling off!

  30. if you voted for paul jr. i understand. you dont know bikes!!. if you knew motorcycles then youd know jesse james bike wouldnt brake if you ran over it with a tank., but if you kick JRs bike it would crumble, and SRs is pretty cool, but just a toy.

    • Hey Josh… You Are Right!…
      (what a joke!…)

  31. PJD has some real detail but its like a dude “getup” and Jesse’s bike look’s like a real useable chopper that looks good, and will look even better with use..

  32. Paul Junior and team not only built the most innovative bike, but also showed respect for the other two competitors. Jesse james showed no respect for either of his two competitors, and displayed disrespect to both Paul Snr and Paul Jnr, throughout the program. Who can have respect for such a person.
    Paul senior team did an interesting innovation but it is not a motorcycle.
    Great bike Paul, Jnr

  33. Paul Junior and team not only built the most innovative bike, but also showed respect for the other two competitors. Jesse james showed no respect for either of his two competitors, and displayed disrespect to both Paul Snr and Paul Jnr, throughout the program. Paul senior’s team developed an interesting innovation but it is not a motorcycle.
    Great bike Paul, Jnr

  34. From time to time I like Jr. bikes … however this time I think Jesse had the nicest bike …. Liked some of the ideas that went into jr´s but overall flow and grace and proportion is the key for me … aahh a grown up bike

  35. Im pretty sure that Paul Jr can build a awsome everyday rider! building insane, pushing design to the limit bikes, is his speacialty! Dont get me wrong, Jesse’s bike is nice and Sr’s is video gameish, But Jr Knocked it out of the park! The kid, his team and vendors are Awsome!

  36. i think paul jr should be very proud not only of his work…which is spectaticular lol but how he takes his fathers sabattage of him and verbal abuse u go… vinny and the gang are his best back up and they make a fantastic team…

  37. Well Paul Jrs bikes are more like fancy designs on wheels, not very reliable, or rideable. I say jesse james should of won the build since he fabricated the most, and not just ordered parts off Parts Unlimited. most people voting here have never wrenched in their life and they are just people going off looks/popularity. its funny how paul Jr was winning b4 they build even began, dont get me wrong they make nice designs but thats about it, their bikes could not make a 100 mile run b4 breaking down. Jesse james’ bike is bad ass. an example of a real build off would be Indian Larry and Billy Vs Billy lane, not this american chopper bull$h!t. R.I.P Indian Larry

  38. Jessie James for sticking with a chopper BAD ASS. Jr. Has a nice bike but I don’t know what tha hell Sr built!!

  39. The guy that won was the right guy to win. Jr’s bike was beautiful. Jesse’s bike was ugly and out dated. Sr’s bike wasnt a bike because he was afraid to go up against his son so he took a dive. OCC bikes are now mostly production bikes with a cut fender or some logoed water jet made cover. Maybe an ugly gas tank that resembles a horse. Sorry Rick, love your work usually but you need to switch teams.

  40. To all those that say pjd bike is crap because it isnt ridable or it had a small tank and isnt a real bike, I agree. It is a superbike. Just like the supercars, it might not be as functional as JJ’s Honda civic bike, but it is a hell of a lot better looking, and designed.

    I could afford a bike like JJ’s, but I’ll always wish I had a PJD

    Also, I dont think ape hangers would be very comfortable after a few minutes. plus I like seeing where I am going without hanging off the side of the bike to look around the trees.

    Glad pjd won.

  41. JESSE IS STILL OLD SCHOOL… Out with the old and IN WITH THE NEW, BABY!…

  42. Well Jesse?… Are You Going To Apologize For Acting And Talking Like A Fool?…
    I Really Think It’s Time That You Grow Up And Stop Hating Other Guys Who Are Great Builders!..
    Your Not The Only One…
    And Besides… You Did Not Build That Chopper Bike On Your Own!…

  43. Screw PJD…. Jesse James bike was way better!! get off pjd nuts and stop dick ridein people Jesse James is a bad ass his shit rocks pjd is joke…and wtf was that gas monkey LAME!!!

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