Evolve Motorcycles launch Xenon light bike and reveal Lithium, an electric streetfighter concept

By  Domenick Yoney

November 11, 2011 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Evolve Motorcycles may very well be the youngest company at the Milan International Motorcycle Show (EICMA) this week, but its booth is getting outsized attention from the gathered throngs. Why? We’ll give you a hint. It has a pair of 32-inch hub-less wheels with strips of OLED light tape that carve their way down its length and encircles those magic-looking hoops.

Yes, they have the Tron Lightcycle replica that was created by their associates, Parker Brothers Choppers, and it is in their booth not just because they were responsible for its electric drivetrain and integration. Now dubbed Xenon – every Evolve model shares its name with an element – this $50,000 futuristic flight of light-bike fancy will now occupy a spot at the top of a growing lineup that currently consists of a trio of nice, moderately-priced scooters.

As we mentioned in our pre-show post, Evolve also brought with them something more conventional (and more rideable) than the movie-inspired machine. Lithium is a streetfighter concept, also put together for them by Parker Brothers Choppers, meant to show how an electric powertrain can be integrated into a modern design that doesn’t alienate traditional riders.

Though labeled a concept, the brand will be officially adding it to its range in the near future. With its 40 kW (54 horsepower) motor, the Lithium is capable of hitting the ton (100 miles per hour) and easily exploring 100 miles of asphalt before needing a charge. When it does go on sale, the price tag on this lattice-framed beauty with super-efficient quad LED headlights should be in the neighborhood of $20,000.