Air powered motorcycle to be revealed at the Sydney Motorcycle & Scooter Show

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – November 2, 2011 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – A motorcycle powered purely by compressed air will be uncovered at the 2011 Sydney Motorcycle & Scooter Show, November 25-27 at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre.

RMIT Industrial Design student Dean Benstead has designed and developed the ’02 Pursuit’, a working prototype of a motocross bike that gives value to air as an alternate source of ‘fuel’ with the use of the DiPietro air engine developed by Angelo DiPietro of Engineair Australia.

Based on the geometry of a current-spec 250cc motocrosser, the project’s initial focus was on the design and product development processes over performance engineering, but Benstead said he could see a future for a marketable model based on the air-powered prototype.

If petrol power was past and electric power was present, Benstead said he believed that with. . .

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  1. What source of energy are you using to compress air?

    In the US, if you plugged an air compressor into the wall electrical outlet, about 1/2 the energy would come from coal. About 1/4 from natural gas and about 1/4 from nukes.

    Thus, it would be considered to be a coal burner, a natural gas burner or /or atomic powered, just as plug-in electrics are. Do you have some “direct from the sun” way to compress air? That would change everything.

    Then, could we have some idea how far your demo bike – as pictured – will go at 70 mph on a freeway?



  2. Spot on Craig ! Not to mention the machines used to construct the parts in a plant that will be powered by the aforementioned power sources. “Green” machines are the perpetual motion devices of the 21st century. Just science projects.

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