New Full Coverage Fraud Prevention Combination of Humans and Technology

SAN JOSE, CA – October 27, 2011 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Online consumers enjoy the perks of surfing the online marketplace for items throughout the world. The Internet allows consumers to buy from anyone, anywhere.

Of course, with that freedom there are limitations and risks involved. How can anyone possibly purchase a motorcycle, for example, from someone across the United States? After all, one needs to make sure the motorcycle really exists.

That’s where inspection and verification services like WeGoLook ( come into play. When you find the motorcycle of your dreams online, you can also reach out to WeGoLook, who has over 7,000 nationwide agents on-call across the United States, ready to take onsite current photos, video a working demonstration, verify the mileage, VIN, arrange transport and more.

It is just as important to research all possible current frauds and scams related to the item. One of the most popular fraud prevention iPhone apps, Scam-Detector, has teamed up with WeGoLook to offer full coverage fraud prevention. Scammers are becoming increasingly savvy and the technology is available at your fingertips via the free Web-based version now available to the entire world through Scam-Detector.

The online consumer is now armed and ready with an arsenal supplied by over 7,000 WeGoLook “Boots on the Ground” and a catalog of 525 of the world’s most notorious scams in their hands.

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