Parts Canada Pulls Sponsorship Of Canadian Superbike Championship

Parts Canada Leaves Due To
Recent Public Events Related To The Series Organizer

October 12, 2011 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Parts Canada announces today that it will not be renewing sponsorship for 2012 with CSBK for the Canadian Superbike Championship.

Parts Canada has proudly supported the Canadian National road racing series as title sponsor since 1990. Even through the economic downturn and with other series partners finding it necessary to cut back (or disengage completely), Parts Canada continued to support the series as its title sponsor, and has provided support in many other ways including team support, and rider support, both amateur and professional.

After a successful 2011 season with new ownership and the new title of CSBK Parts Canada, Parts Canada was excited to be discussing the program for 2012. Having fulfilled all of its obligations for the 2011 season and looking forward to 2012, Parts Canada was forced to re-evaluate its investment in the series. In part, this decision is as a result of recent public events related to the series organizer, with which Parts Canada does not want to be associated. Parts Canada intends to stand firm in its corporate beliefs and as a result must pull away from the current series.

James Danyluk, President of Parts Canada adds, “This is not an easy decision for us, as we are proud of our racing heritage. Parts Canada has and will continue to be one of the preeminent sponsors of motorcycle racing in Canada, be it road racing, motorcross, drag racing or any other type. Parts Canada respects all of the supporters, riders, team owners, technicians and fans, and does not wish to be associated with or condone conduct that is not consistent with this philosophy. We support the sport, and will continue our efforts to promote motorcycling in Canada. We are looking forward to a fresh beginning.”



  1. So what particularly happened with the promotor to cause this? It would be nice to have the full story, and just a one sided press release.

    We Gooled this on the website:
    Following up from the shock announcement yesterday of Parts Canada withdrawing their main sponsorship of the Canadian Superbike championship, CMG called Parts Canada’s Marketing Manager, Laura Lang to try and get some more insight into their decision.

    According to Lang, the decision to pull out goes directly back to the rant that CSBK’s Kevin Graham made about certain individuals on, though this was the decision maker, the relationship between the two organizations was already somewhat frayed.

    Lang stressed that the issue is not with Superbike racing per say, and that they will continue to sponsor racing and indeed, would be interested in sponsoring Canadian Superbike racing in the future, just not while it is under the current management. She was quite clear that their relationship was done.

    For now she’s waiting to let the dust settle and figure out what can be done. If there were an opportunity to work with someone else, then they would be open to discussions, though the time to do so to save next season would seem to be rather tight to say the least.

    Unfortunately if there is no CSBK national series next year then it could also put in jeopardy the associated national races such as Harley Davidson’s XR series and Honda’s new CBR250R series.

    Maybe this quote from Lang is the best place to leave this right now, “Everyone needs to take a breath and regroup. Something will come in the future”. Hopefully it’s a short breath if we’re going to see any national racing in 2012.

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