BTO Announces Best Bikes for Tikes – Best Dirt Bike Gear to Get Your Little One Started

THOUSAND OAKS, CA – September 26, 2011 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – BTO Sports, the online provider of motorcycle, motocross, and dirt bike gear has announced an article featuring the “Best Bikes for Tikes.”

“We love seeing kids get involved in riding at a young age and we want to help parents with making this come to fruition,” said a BTO spokesperson. “It’s something that families can share for life and we are proud to help.”

The article touches on a lot of points but is geared towards guiding parents on what are the more important aspects of choosing a bike for their children. It highlights many of the common pitfalls and lets parents know what things they need to think about when deciding on the right bike.

BTO Sports has been around for quite some time and have been able to establish themselves as an authority on dirt bike gear. They have been able to expand into every aspect of motorcycle and motocross gear including motocross tires and motocross rims.

The idea behind knowing what is the best dirt bike gear for your tike is to consider all of the factors. Age, height, weight, and skill level are all things that need to be taken into consideration when deciding on what dirt bike gear to get. It is often hard for parents to be completely objective when it comes to their child but this is necessary for getting just the right bike.

Other factors to consider are things like what kind of riding the child will be partaking in. Different terrains demand different styles of bikes. An off-road bike will not be the same as a trail bike or a road bike. Because it’s hard to know what kind of riding the child will like the best, it’s usually recommended that parents get dirt bike gear that can handle it all.

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