Manheim Helps Customers Reduce Days to Sale

Improved Vehicle Entry Process and Lot Organization Deliver Significant Efficiencies

ATLANTA, GA – September 22, 2011 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – To help customers more quickly and efficiently ready vehicles for sale, Manheim is in the final stages of completing a substantial improvement initiative at all of its 72 U.S. operating locations. Its focus is two-fold: streamlining the vehicle entry process and significantly reducing time to obtain condition reports after vehicles arrive at auction.

“Customers are noticing a more production-like atmosphere on Manheim lots,” said Pam Cadigan, group vice president of operational excellence at Manheim. “We now sort inventory by stage of the auction process to create efficiencies and optimize staff members’ time.” A scanning tracking system enables vehicles to be organized more effectively while they are being prepared for sale.

“We have already benefited from the recent improvements we experience first-hand at 13 Manheim locations,” said Chris Watkins, external operations manager of AmeriCredit/GM Financial. “The quicker we get condition reports and repair estimates, the faster we can complete those repairs and get the car in a sale. One or two days can be the difference between making a sale and waiting until the next week to run the unit.”

“With better scheduling tools and following a first-in/first-out rule, we can now complete condition reports for dealer and commercial vehicles within a day of their arrival at auction. This is the first step toward our goal to reduce days to sale by 50 percent,” Cadigan explained. “With improved cycle time, buyers secure their vehicles sooner, while improving sellers’ holding costs and cash flow.”

“Manheim’s process improvements will push others in the industry to do the same, strengthening the auction business for everyone,” Watkins added. The company’s operational enhancements have resulted in a more consistent and efficient vehicle flow, reducing the number of days to sale by approximately four days from a historical average of 25 to 30.

Based on the success of the vehicle entry initiative, Manheim will continue to invest in its operations, focusing on improving lot efficiencies and flow. “These process improvements are just the beginning of several changes we are making to help customers improve their bottom line,” added Cadigan.

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Manheim is the world’s leading provider of vehicle remarketing services. Through its 122 worldwide wholesale operating locations, Manheim impacts every stage of a used vehicle’s life cycle, helping commercial sellers and automobile dealers maximize the full value of their vehicles.  Drawing from its auction transaction volume, Manheim Consulting publishes the annual Used Car Market Report, the definitive source of data for the used car industry.  Manheim Consulting offers a wide range of services including custom analytics, business optimization and macro economic analysis.

Manheim is the online vehicle remarketing leader, connecting buyers and sellers to the world’s largest, most comprehensive wholesale marketplace through its extensive in-lane and online offerings. receives nearly 900,000 visits each week.

Additionally, Manheim offers services including reconditioning, certification, inspections, dealer financing, title management and marshaling, among others. Through its wide array of services and technologies, industry publications, customer support and educational offerings, Manheim gives its customers maximum control over how they buy and sell vehicles, helping them to conduct business in the most efficient way possible. In 2010, Manheim handled nearly 10 million used vehicles, facilitating transactions worth more than $50 billion in value.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Manheim is a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises, a leading communications, media and automotive services company.