Ride-On's Unmatched Motorcycle Roadside Assistance and Tire Hazard Coverage Instills Bikers with Renewed Confidence

Ride-On Tire Coverage Plus 24, Offered by Inovex Industries, is paving the way for safer motorcycle travel…one satisfied rider at a time!

LOS ANGELES, CA – September 14, 2011 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Motorcycles give their riders a sense of freedom and self-reliance. Most motorcyclists consider this a large part of their appeal. A breakdown at some ungodly hour that finds you holed up on the side of the road or highway strips away that freedom leaving you frantically dialing numbers, trying in vain to get through to a tow company. Now you can get back on the road in no time with Ride-On’s Tire Coverage Plus 24. This extensive motorcycle roadside assistance and tire hazard coverage program has bikers everywhere revving their engines in approval.

Let’s be honest – a breakdown for a motorcyclist is substantially more dangerous than that of a car driver. The entire time you are on the side of the road or highway trying to get a hold of a tow truck, you are completely exposed and vulnerable to the dangers of passing traffic, and the elements. If you are ever unfortunate enough to end up in this situation, don’t you to want to have a reliable emergency towing and road service program in place that you can contact right away and arrives promptly? With its TCP/24 program, Inovex Industries does just that.

Ride-On’s TCP/24 program is quickly riding positive word-of-mouth to the top of the industry. Consider just a few of the benefits Ride-On TCP/24 offers:

  1. Tire repair/replacement costs coverage up to $150.
  2. 24-Hour Emergency Towing, Road Service, Battery Service, and Fluid/Fuel Delivery.
  3. Several enticing discount offers and travel benefits similar to those found with AAA.

On top of TCP/24’s unparalleled coverage, Ride-On is the industry’s premier flat preventive product. Ride-On’s Tire Protection System (TPS) is a unique gel-based tire sealant that contains fibers six times stronger than steel. This revolutionary product is the only proven high-speed tire sealant and tire balancer. Ride-On virtually eliminates flat tires created by punctures in the crown area of the tire. This dramatically reduces your downtime and nothing beats that. No matter how reliable the towing service. Ride-On also balances your motorcycle better than the traditional lead weights that are a nasty environmental hazard (already banned in many states and countries world-wide). This exceptional puncture repair formula also improves your fuel efficiency and extends tire life by 25%.

With a combination of Ride-On’s tire balancer and sealant and its TCP/24 roadside assistance/tire hazard coverage program, you’ll enjoy a safer, smoother, and more reliable ride. Ride-On keeps you upright, balanced and riding smooth – giving you the freedom and confidence to travel safely wherever the road may lead – and isn’t that what it’s all about?

To learn more about Ride-On’s Tire Coverage Plus 24, as well as its tire balancer and sealant, visit online at http://www.ride-on.com/.