New Product Press Release from Pit Posse!

ST. PETERSBURG, FL – August 16, 2011 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – You may have mud in your eye, but no one wants fuel on their hands!  Pit Posse is once again making your life easier by introducing the revolutionary Spout Extender.  Designed to create a secure, leak-free seal, the Spout Extender allows you to pour directly from a five-gallon can of race fuel without having it spill all over your new boots.  Simply screw the Spout Extender onto the collapsible pull-out spout on your five gallon can, and you are ready to pour it on!  The unique 1/4” vent tube allows air to flow into the bottom of the can, which results in a smooth, quick pour, and no fuel on the floor!


  1. Screw the Spout Extender on to the threads of the spout on the lid of the five-gallon race fuel can. The vent tube should extend to the bottom of the bucket. The vent tube can be cut to desired length for custom applications.
  2. With the Spout Extender tightly secured, an air pocket will form at the bottom of the bucket as you begin to pour. After a few seconds, the vent tube will pierce the air pocket, allowing air to flow into the bucket, creating a smooth consistent pour.

The Spout Extender comes in two sizes, small for most VP cans, and large for most others.

Part Numbers PP3223S and PP3223L, Retail price $19.95/ea.

Contact: David Cameron
3901 48th Ave. N
St. Petersburg, FL 33714