BTO Sports Gives You the Most Scenic Rides for Your 2011 Summer Vacation

THOUSAND OAKS, CA – August 15, 2011 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Being inundated by major highways and less than attractive exit ramps on a regular day-to-day basis has made many riders apathetic to their surroundings. But come the summer months, relaxation sets in and a sudden rush to explore and enjoy the country roads becomes a palpable sensation.

Scenic rides have become a sort of ‘right of passage’ through the years. Instead of loading up family caravans and heading to the airport, more and more relaxation-seekers turn to quiet, scenic rides to ease their stress. In fact, BTO Sports believes that there’s no greater feeling than hopping on a bike, gathering together the necessary motorcycle gear and heading toward a scenic route.

“We love riding through scenic areas,” a BTO Sports representative said. “Half the fun of riding is the environment in which you’re riding in. Being able to explore an environmentally beautiful landscape can be a really relaxing and enjoyable experience.”

Because of this, BTO Sports has managed to dwindle down the most scenic rides of 2011 to the following locations: British Columbia’s Highway 99 between Whistler and Vancouver, Arizona State Route 89A from Sedona to Flagstaff, and Virginia’s Skyline Drive which runs through the Shenandoah National Park.

Each of these three destinations promises to deliver a spectacular scenery and an easy-going ride. With the full bloom of the summer months, the landscapes and vegetation will be in their optimal condition. What’s even better is that none of these routes has a “massive highway” feel to them so it feels more and more like it’s simply the rider and the road.

British Columbia’s Sea to Sky Highway between Whistler and Vancouver melts together the fresh mountain air from the Whistler-Blackcomb Mountains with the crisp feeling of the Northern Pacific Ocean. Sights to see include the Lions Gate Bridge over Vancouver which delivers, arguably, the best views of the city.

Arizona State Route 89A also promises a visually appealing ride. With the sun hitting against the great orange and red canyons and cliffs, combined with the heavy green vegetation from the surrounding trees, any rider is sure to enjoy the views.

Not to be outdone, Virginia’s Skyline Drive brings travelers up close and personal with the impressive Blue Ridge Mountains. The entire 105 mile length of the road runs through the famous Shenandoah National Park.

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  1. While I applaud BTO’s recommendations for the Skyline Drive in Virginia, it’s just the introduction to what lies beyond, the Blue Ridge Parkway. Honestly, I find the Skyline Drive a bit tame, too congested, and the 35 MPH speed limit and $15 entrance fee just too constrictive. Admittedly scenic, the Skyline Drive seamlessly flows into the Blue Ridge Parkway which leads south another 469.1 miles into North Carolina, then transitions to US 441 (Newfound Road) which transects Great Smoky Mountains National Park into Tennessee. Combined, the 3 roads comprise a wonderfully scenic and varied motorcycle ride which extends more than 650 miles in all.

    In addition, the roads which connect and lie adjacent to the Blue Ridge Parkway make up the greatest collection of two lane twisty back roads in the nation, a motorcyclists paradise of wonderfully scenic and challenging rides that are just beginning to be discovered.

    I can recommend the Skyline Drive, but don’t let the ride end there. Thousands of miles of great motorcycle rides await the motorcycle adventurer to the south.

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