New Products Revolutionize Motorcycle Passenger Safety

NEW YORK, NY – August 9, 2011 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Hatch Ventures LLC, a New York City-based consumer product design firm, announces the launch of the Moto-Grip™ and Moto-Grip Jr.™, two new motorcycle accessories that are certain to set a new standard in adult and child passenger safety.

During the past two decades there has been a market flood of street-legal racing, sport, and sport-touring motorcycles from America, Europe and Japan. Despite their extreme popularity and myriad of compelling features, these vehicles are generally not equipped with safe and comfortable passenger seating. Most provide no backrest protection, and given the sharp, forward-sloping angle of many of these bikes, the passenger is positioned much higher than the operator, offering little in the way of actual or perceived protection against accidental ejection.

In natural response, most motorcycle passengers tend to lean forward and down in order to lock their arms around the operator’s waist for a more secure grip. However, most serious riders would undoubtedly agree that this position tends to be uncomfortable and irritating for both operator and passenger. Moreover, it can also impede operator concentration and responsiveness. Other nervous passengers, determined to at least appear more relaxed, favor holding the metal grab-bar awkwardly positioned immediately behind the passenger, or loosely gripping the operator’s shoulder with one or two hands. Although these alternatives may be more comfortable, they leave the passenger even more vulnerable to accidental ejection. According to product designer and motorcyclist Andrew Lewis, “As an inventor and avid sport-tour motorcyclist, I was not only determined to address the problem, but to do so with a product design that would be generally accepted by the larger motorcycling community.” Five years later, Lewis has unveiled his solution.

The Moto-Grip™ is a meticulously designed safety harness equipped with two sets of padded handgrips on the front and rear of the harness. The harness is worn by the operator and the handgrips are held by the passenger. Because the passenger sits higher than the operator on most motorcycles, the harness and handgrips are also positioned high to maximize stability and comfort for both operator and passenger. The Moto-Grip is available in three sizes and each size is fully adjustable to accommodate additional outerwear for inclement weather riding.

During product development, Lewis also identified safety issues specific to child motorcycle passengers. According to Lewis, young riders are especially vulnerable to accidental ejection since they are not fully developed in stature, strength, balance and reflexes, and because they are prone to nodding off on the back of motorcycles. In response, Lewis is also introducing the Moto-Grip Jr.™, a safety restraint used in combination with the Moto-Grip to secure the child passenger and immediately alert the operator if the child passenger shifts position on the seat. The Moto-Grip Jr. is also fully adjustable to fit any child passenger regardless of size, weight or inclement weather attire.

The Moto-Grip and Moto-Grip Jr. are constructed of industrial-strength polyester webbing and AustriAlpin Cobra™ 7075 aluminum alloy and solid brass quick release buckles, widely recognized as the strongest safety buckle on the international market. According to Lewis, both products deliver a maximum passenger weight limit of 300lb/136kg and minimum overall break strength of 2000lb/907kg. “These two products took nearly five years and more than 20 prototypes to ready for market. No detail was overlooked or expense spared to achieve the safest, strongest, most comfortable, and aesthetically appealing designs possible. These are two very serious pieces of protective gear that we believe will revolutionize motorcycle passenger safety. It is our hope that motorcyclists — as well as ATV, snowmobile and moped enthusiasts — give the Moto-Grip and Moto-Grip Jr. the same credence and attention as they would a car seatbelt or motorcycle helmet.”

The Moto-Grip and Moto-Grip Jr. retail for $179.95 and $79.95, respectively. For more information, visit Samples are available at cost to select writers on assignment.

Andrew D. Lewis, Principal
Hatch Ventures LLC

SOURCE: Hatch Ventures LLC