Moto-Electra Ready to Take on Competition in TTXGP Race in Laguna Seca, California

BLUE GRASS, VA – July 22, 2011 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Moto-Electra, one of the emerging leaders in electric motorcycle racing technology, has announced today it would participate in the Time Trial Extreme Grand Prix (TTXGP) Round 2 race during Moto GP weekend at Laguna Seca, CA scheduled for July 23-24th.

The event, organized in partnership with International Motorcycling Federation (PIM) promises to be the first joint race between TTXGP and e-Power providing the best possible stage to promote the sport, the technology and the message of the next generation of motor sport.

Moto-Electra team, that took second place in the recent Infineon 2011 race in California, is ready to take on its competitors with million dollar development budgets.

“Moto-Electra shows that inventiveness and persistence can beat unlimited resources,” says Brian Richardson, the manager of Moto-Electra Racing. “Our machine is built around a Norton Featherbed frame, patented in 1949. Although it may look like a 1951 Norton Manx, it is stuffed with high-end technology that allows us to win races on a shoestring budget.”

Moto-Electra supporters include IceWarp Inc, a global provider of unified communications and collaboration solutions. “We are supporting Moto-Electra, because we share the same approach: winning through innovation, intelligence and tenacity,” said Ladislav Goc, President of IceWarp. “This philosophy allows IceWarp to successfully compete against industry behemoths and consistently win. Just like Moto-Electra.”

In 2010, 14 nationalities took to the TTXGP grid. This year regional championships are confirmed for North America, Australia and Europe where teams compete locally to gain a place in the TTXGP world championship finale.


Moto-Electra Racing intends to re-invent the motorcycle as we know it. Started on a sheep farm in the Blue Grass Valley of Virginia, Moto-Electra Racing is developing some of the fastest electric motorcycles in the world. “You can silently accelerate to 130 mph, or cruse along listening to the birds in the trees. This is an expansion of the sport of motorcycling. We invite you to visit our quiet Blue Grass Valley — To see for yourself the future of motorsport.” Brian Richardson


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