Strip Club Choppers announces individual state franchise opportunities

Become the official SCC of your state today

HOLLYWOOD, CA – June 6, 2011 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Strip Club Choppers is now offering a Strip Club Choppers of “your state” licensee. Interested entrepreneurs who would like to become part of this iconic enterprise can now purchase a licensing agreement that will allow them to share in the success of Strip Club Choppers. This new opportunity has become available in the past month and already eleven states are operational.

The licensee will have the EXCLUSIVE rights to become the official Strip Club Choppers while attending events in their state.

All licensees will receive the right to use the Strip Club Choppers name, brand, logos, promotional materials, and all avenues affiliated with the SCC social networking. Additionally SCC  will provide booking assistance to licensees

Johnny Lange, President of SCC commented: “State licensees not only provide like minded people to become part of our brand and lifestyle while making money, but it also makes Strip Club Choppers products available to millions of people who may not get to see us at a rally outside of their state. The demand for us to attend shows far exceeds our availability plus having state franchises on board allows the brand to get exposure at places never seen before.”

For additional info contact Strip Club Choppers at: or 714-465-7103 and check out the new website