Ride-On Tire Sealant Serves as Effective Alternative to Lead Based Wheel Weights Banned in California

Perfect tire balancing is one of the many virtues of innovative Ride-On tire sealant

LOS ANGELES, CA – May 23, 2011 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – According to data gathered by the U.S. Geological Survey, lead wheel weights used for tire balancing are responsible for approximately 500,000 pounds of lead pollution in California every year. On a national level, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that 1.6 million pounds of lead are abandoned on U.S. roadways from lead weights falling off wheels. By being washed into storm drains that connect to creeks, rivers, and ultimately the ocean, lead wheel weights are a serious contributor to lead pollution and contamination of the aquatic food web. Lead wheel weights, which are malleable in comparison to other metal alloys, often fall off of motorcycles, cars, and trucks, and get run over by other vehicles on the road creating lead dust and contaminating the air. Since lead is highly toxic and can easily contaminate drinking water, it poses a very real health hazard to most organic life forms. Lead has not only been linked to neurological problems in children, but can also inhibit the growth processes in plants and marine algae and alter blood chemistry in fish, amphibians, and birds.

The recent ban of lead wheel weights in the state of California and a number of other states has mechanics resorting to less efficient and more costly zinc and steel weights to achieve proper wheel balance for tires. However, many individuals nationwide are using the innovative Ride-On tire sealant and tire balancer to not only provide effective flat tire repair, but to achieve perfect tire balancing without the need for wheel weights of any kind.

The result of extensive laboratory and real-life testing, Ride-On tire sealant is composed of a gel-like compound containing fibers six times stronger than steel. After being introduced to the inside of the tire through the valve stem, Ride-On’s proprietary and trade secret formulation gets evenly distributed along the inside crown  of the tire, creating a superior and continuously self-balancing tire within a short distance of driving. Through a single application of Ride-On, drivers are able to decrease hazardous lead pollution on the planet and save money as well. It should be noted that the Ride-On puncture repair sealant works for the life of the tire, providing effective protection against punctures up to 1/4″ in thickness, achieving continuous tire balance, and preventing minor porosity air leaks that decrease tire pressure over time. In all, one application of Ride-On tire sealant has been proven to increase tire life by 25% or more.

Environmentally friendly, green, non-hazardous, affordable, easy to install, and effective, Ride-On tire sealant has been embraced by government and law enforcement fleets, trucking fleets, construction crews, government vehicles, and everyday drivers all over the world. Ride-On is available in a variety of different packaging and formulas which cater to all kinds of vehicles, including motorcycles, passenger cars, ATVs, trucks with super single tires (super-wide, X-One), and heavy load-bearing construction vehicles.

To learn more about Ride-On tire sealant, as well as the exclusive Tire Coverage Plus 24 Program, please visit www.ride-on.com

SOURCE: Ride-On Public Relations