Pirelli Scorpion Trail in New 180/55R17 Size in Dual Compound Chosen for Fitment on Honda’s 2011 Crossrunner

The dual-compound multi purpose tire solution now fitted to Honda’s new Crossrunner for Enduro capabilities and versatile performance in Supersport dimensions

MILAN, ITALY AND MALLORCA, SPAIN – April 15, 2011 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Pirelli Scorpion Trail tires, introduced to the market in 2008 as the ideal solution for Enduro Street riders, have received both a range and technology enhancement to better answer the performances of the new Honda Crossrunner.

Continuing the innovation of sport-sized radial tires for this new segment, Pirelli has evolved its range with a new dual-compound on-road sport fitment of 120/70-R17” and 180/55-R17” with a rugged aspect – the Scorpion Trail.

These new Supersport-sized Pirelli Scorpion Trail tires have been developed in collaboration with Honda. The objective was to create a new kind of motorcycle with the attributes of both a naked performance machine and an adventure bike – one that can effortlessly adapt to many different styles of riding. The new Honda utilizes aluminium twin spar frame married to a liquid-cooled, 90-degree 782cc V-Four engine producing 102 horsepower.

An evolution of tire size and technology was chosen to bring handling and performance of sport tires, added to the versatility and road stability of Enduro street tires in order to adapt to both city and mountains roads. The Scorpion Trail family grows with new 17” diameter 120/70 front and 180/55 rear sizes, positioned in the Enduro Street range between the Sport Touring segment of Angel ST and the ruggedness of the Scorpion family. The new tire sizes available to Sport-Fun bikes offer a unique blend of personalities by combining qualities typical of Enduro tires—versatility, comfort, and handling—with the performance characteristics typical of Supersport tires.

Steel-belted structure and hypersport profile

The Scorpion Trail naturally adopts Pirelli’s patented 0° steel belted radial structure for both the front and rear which contributes a lightweight carcass to promote ease of handling and road holding at high speeds. The result is a stable tire that distributes forces uniformly to the road, optimizing the contact patch in every condition. The 0° steel belt tire structure is complementary to the Honda Crossrunner’s and combines with the ABS braking system and upright riding position with the final goal to build a motorcycle with unwavering stability.

Profiles are derived from the Supersport experience: the front tire takes on that of Pirelli’s Diablo sport tires for easy handling, while the rear profile’s 180/55 sizing makes it slightly less rounded than traditional sport tires in order to increase traction on variable road surfaces and for maximum stability in loaded conditions.

Trail-ready tread pattern

The tread pattern design of the Scorpion Trail for the Honda Crossrunner is characterized by a patented solution which perfectly integrates some off-road capabilities with a more all-around Supersport performance. The crown area’s directional V-shaped footprint helps the Scorpion Trail keep its main edge working on less than smooth road surfaces, maintaining traction in all conditions. Furthermore, the Scorpion Trail is the first tire in this segment covering one whole tire revolution with just 4 repetitions of the design (patented).

Applying this technology allowed Pirelli engineers to make an extremely aggressive all-around design that perfectly satisfies the handling required by many different riders while reducing road noise effects and improving the overall comfort. The tires’ directional tread design is an innovative and aesthetically pleasing combination of blocks typical of an Enduro Trail design and the slick-like areas of Supersport tires. The tread groove depth decreases from center to shoulder to keep traction on rough road surfaces (deep grooves on straight) and maximum grip at lean (thanks to its slick-like contact patch). The tread blocks’ heights are slightly shorter than other radial sizes of the Scorpion Trail, increasing the tread’s strength for better feeling at high speeds and lean angles.

III Zone Compound

Pirelli’s III Zone Compound rear tire offers the best performance for varied conditions and an ideal compound solution matched to its patented differentiated tread design from crown to shoulder. The central zone compound is derived from the existing Scorpion Trail radial tires, whereas the wide shoulders adopt a softer compound taken from its Sport range of tires. Scorpion Trail offers sport grip starting from approximately 30° lean angles to exploit enjoyable riding in the curves.

All-condition traction and high mileage are guaranteed by high mechanical resistance materials in the central zone, while the softer shoulder compounds maintain grip and precision at lean for maximum confidence. The two compounds are characterized by an equivalent softness level in order to ensure maximum wear regularity.

Availability & technical data

The new Scorpion Trail original equipment sizes for the 2011 Crossrunner are immediately available from Honda’s dealer network as well as throughout Pirelli Moto’s retail network. For technical details of the Honda Crossrunner, please visit the manufacturer’s website at: world.honda.com, and to explore Pirelli’s entire motorcycle tire range: www.us.pirelli.com.

IP Code: 2111100                            Width     Dia.           Mea. Rim   Permitted Rim             Max. Load    Tread     WeightKgs.
120/70 R17 M/C 58V TL Scorpion Trail Front F 122   600     3.50     3.50 – 3.75     236     4,1      4,1
IP Code: 2111200     
180/55 R17 M/C 73V TL Scorpion Trail  Rear R 180   642     5.50     5.50 – 6.00    365     6,9       6,7

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