Big Dog Motorcycles is done

WICHITA, KS – April 8, 2011 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – In its heyday, Big Dog Motorcycles was a pretty big deal. Back in 2005, thousands converged on the Douglas Ave. headquarters for a big party. Big Dog employed hundreds and was able to sell bikes in all 50 states. It even had dealership locations overseas. But this week the bank foreclosed on the business and seized its assets.

Bike enthusiasts can’t believe it, saying they love the bikes because Big Dog is big, loud and a Wichita icon.

Elvis Willson says he’s seen it all at his own shop on Douglas where he customizes anything. And with Big Dog out of business, it’s a blow to cycle lovers and the city of Wichita.

“I think the Big Dog is a neat asset to Wichita,” he said. “I think it’s unfortunate they’re going through whatever it is they’re going through.”

In the showroom, the first production bike can still be seen. They’ve been able to sell more than 25,000 bikes in all. But now, in a tough economy, the company had faced layoffs and this week, the bank moved in.

Some bike lovers say it’s a rough day for them and wonder what the future may hold.

Michael Simmons is president of a new Big Dog of sorts. A new company called BDM Performance Products is on the way and he says the company “hopes to capitalize on an existing network of dealers and service centers to provide parts and accessories. And while that company is still in the planning stages, the old icon that was Big Dog is no more.