Ride-On's Tire Coverage Plus 24 Program Gives Motorists Free Roadside Assistance Benefits

By completing a simple registration process on the Ride-On website, customers are able to reap the many free benefits of the Ride-On TCP/24 Program

LOS ANGELES, CA – March 14, 2011 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Flat tires are the most common cause of vehicle breakdowns in the United States. This fact is what inspired the inventors of Ride-On to create a highly effective tire sealant and balancer that not only seals punctures immediately, but also balances tires for life. As a testament to Ride-On’s commitment to the safety and satisfaction of its motorcycle customers, they recently created the Tire Coverage Plus 24 (TCP/24) program. This extensive roadside assistance and tire hazard repair/replacement program ensures that if anything goes wrong for a customer, Ride-On is there to help. This unique benefits package comes free to every motorcycle customer who buys Ride-On through an authorized TCP/24 dealership and registers online (available only to registered street motorcycles that operate on public roads).

The TCP/24 program is loaded with valuable benefits. The 24-hr roadside assistance program includes flat bed towing up to 15 miles, battery inspection and replacement, fluid/fuel delivery, and general roadside assistance. It’s basically a free AAA membership, except the TCP/24 takes it one step further. It offers a tire repair/replacement credit of up to $150 in the case of a tire failure from a road hazard regardless of how big or where the puncture occurs. It also includes trip interruption protection of up to $300 for meals, lodging, and transportation if involved in a collision more than 150 miles away from home. There are online travel discounts, rental car discounts, theft and hit and run assistance and more. All in all, the new motorcycle Tire Coverage Plus 24 program allows Ride-On’s motorcycle customers to enjoy complete peace of mind on the road, whether it’s during a drive in the city or a cross-country trip.

Ride-On’s tire balancers and sealants are the result of years of exhaustive testing in both laboratory and real life scenarios. Able to provide unprecedented puncture repair and flat tire repair, Ride-On is uniquely blended with fibers six times stronger than steel and the most cutting edge corrosion inhibitor packages on the market today, making it the gold standard of the industry. Its effectiveness has made it the preferred tire balancer and sealant for law enforcement agencies, construction crews, military personnel, and everyday drivers all over the world. Ride-On is also a green environmentally friendly product, able to extend tire life up to 30%, improve gas mileage 1-3%, and maintain set PSI points 500% better than untreated tires.

To learn more about Ride-On’s TCP/24 Program, as well as products and info, please visit www.Ride-On.com

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