SCHEDULEPOWER² uses Text Messages to Improve Customer Communications

ZEPHYR COVE – March 9, 2011 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  MotoAdvisor, Inc. has spent the winter upgrading SCHEDULEPOWER² and rolling out a series of updates to the program over the first quarter. The first two releases are active and the third release is now ready for use. This newest feature provides service departments with automated text messaging to remind customers about upcoming appointments and notify them when their vehicle is ready for pick-up.

SCHEDULEPOWER² is a service scheduler that increases the profitability of a dealership’s service department and empowers employees to always deliver on their promises to customers. Our new text messaging feature will free up even more time for “selling service” and building customer loyalty.

SCHEDULEPOWER² automatically generates the text. The first message reminds the customer of their upcoming appointment, to reduce no-shows and support scheduling service appointments in advance. Too often service departments rely on walk-ins for fear of scheduling the time and then losing it to no-shows. Receiving a quick text the day prior will help the customer remember their appointment with your dealership, which goes a long way to preventing no-shows and improving rapport with your customers.

This convenient solution also notifies customers when their service is finished. As technicians finalize their work, service writers status the jobs to “Ready”, which prompts the system to send a message alerting the customer that their “vehicle is ready for pick up”. Taking advantage of this technology takes the strain off service writers and frees up time, which is a service department’s biggest commodity.

“Almost everyone has a mobile phone and the majority of people who do, prefer text messages,” says MotoAdvisor’s CEO, Myra Hight. “Why wouldn’t service departments want to utilize text messaging if customers prefer it and it reduces the time they spend trying to communicate by phone? SCHEDULEPOWER² gives every service department useful technology that makes daily duties easier and people more efficient.”

Dealers who are interested in exploring the use of SCHEDULEPOWER² as a tool to help them manage their service department into a profitable service center can contact Josiah Taulbee, Dealer Development Director, for a free preview and to discuss a 30 day risk free trial at your dealership.

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