1. It’s about time! I’ve always thought that sitting at “smart” lights w/o triggering them to change was quite discriminatory!

  2. When you’re sitting at a redlight as it cycles through 2 or 3 times that’s not “running a red light”. It’s ridiculous that a publication that purports to report on our industry defines that as “running a red light”. Inflammatory and deceptive is the only way to cartegorize that “Headline”. Running a red light is NEVER stopping for it! Sitting at a red light and then PROCEEDING (after 2 0r 3 cycles) WHEN IT IS SAFE TO DO SO is not “running” a light. Only a dim bulb could report that about ‘smart’ lights.

  3. Actually California law describes running a red light as “proceeding through an intersection while the trafic signal is red” it does not matter how long you sit there and how many cycles the smart light went through. A cop can give you a ticket for going thru an intersection while its traffic signal is red, although most officers I know wont give you a ticket especially if they saw you wait through several cycles.

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