LeoVince USA Unleashes the New Corsa Factory R on Daytona

RICHMOND, CA – February 2, 2011 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Leo Vince USA is pleased to announce the all new Factory R Full Corsa system will be the official exhaust pipe of the Cycle World Attack Performance Kawasaki team when Eric Bostrom and JD Beach launch their assault on Daytona.

Leo Vince’s exclusive relationship with Kawasaki Motorcycle Corporation Japan coupled with their factory deal to sponsor and supply the returning Kawasaki World Superbike team provided unprecedented access to engineer and develop five new systems for the stunning new 2011 ZX-10R.

Photo by Brian J. Nelson

“We are excited to rekindle our relationship with Cycle World, Attack Performance and Kawasaki Motorcycles” noted Tim Calhoun, Executive Vice President Leo Vince USA. “Over the last four years Leo Vince has carved out a winning tradition at Daytona. Our latest exhaust technology, the Corsa Factory R, features superior horsepower gains and weight loss. Combined with Attack Performance’s bike development and the riding talents of JD Beach and Eric Bostrom this should prove an intensely potent combination.”

The new Corsa Factory R features better aerodynamics, decreased weight, and incorporates a new dry carbon fiber technology developed through Moto GP.

Leo Vince plans to begin taking advance orders on the Factory R within the next two weeks. During this time Leo Vince will also debut the entire product line up for the ZX-10R.

To learn more about LeoVince SBK fitments for the 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R and the new Factory R email sales@leovinceusa.com or call 510-232-4040.

About Leo Vince USA

LeoVince is a division of Sito Gruppo Industriale based in Monticello d’Alba, Italy. Sito is the largest exhaust manufacturer globally. LeoVince USA brands include SBK for sportbikes, Silvertail for cruisers, Scoot for scooters, X3 for off-road and ATVs and Sito for low-cost OEM replacement. For more information visit LeoVinceUSA.com.