Ride-On TPS to Launch a New Dealer Program with a 100 iPad Giveaway Event at Dealer Expo

Inovex Industries set to launch the Ride-On Tire Coverage Plus 24 (TCP/24) tire program with the Ride-On 100 iPad Giveaway Event at Dealer Expo in Indy

STERLING,, VA – January 28, 2011 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Inovex Industries, Inc.; the manufacturer of Ride-On Tire Protection System (TPS), the only proven high-speed tire balancer and sealant, announce their intentions to launch their Ride-On Tire Coverage Plus 24 (TCP/24) tire program and the Ride-ON 100 iPad Giveaway Event at the Dealer Expo in Indianapolis next month.

“It is our goal in 2011 to really take the powersports industry by storm,” says Mark Farkhan, CEO of Inovex. “Ride-On Canada, in conjunction with Motovan, has already had a strong presence at the Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver Motorcycle Shows, and we can’t wait for the one here in Indianapolis in February. We will be launching our Ride-On Tire Coverage Plus 24 (TCP/24) roadside and road hazard program that aims to provide riders with the ultimate in safety, convenience and tire protection. It will also add a new revenue stream for participating dealerships creating an even better ROI from each Ride-On sale. To help jumpstart the excitement for our TCP/24 program and our product, we are going to be giving away 100 free iPads – a fun way for us to incentivize and reward dealerships who take on this new program and achieve success. Details to follow at the Dealer Expo. We look forward to seeing everyone there.”

About Inovex Industries, Inc. – Ride-On Tire Protection System – Founded in 1995, Inovex is the leading manufacturer of the Ride-On Tire Protection System line of tire sealants. With 8 environmentally friendly and biodegradable formulations, Ride-On is specifically designed to meet the needs of the various market segments including: Automotive, Motorcycle, ATV, High Speed Commercial, Heavy Duty Construction, Industrial, and Agricultural. Ride-On TPS’ high-speed formulas are the only tire sealants proven safe and effective for high-speed applications. Ride-On not only does not throw tires out of balance, it actually helps balance a tire without the need for wheel weights, all while making any tire into a self sealing tire.

For additional information visit www.ride-on.com. To request information or speak directly with Inovex Industries, Inc. the manufacturer of the Ride-On Tire Protection System Tire Sealants, call toll free (888) 374-3366, or email: info@ride-on.com.

Inovex Industries, Inc.
Hugh Eaton