Announces a New Way to Purchase Motorcycle Parts Online

The key to a successful business is to listen to ones customers. has done just this and has announced and released a new online store for motorcycle parts and accessories. The design simplifies the search for parts and focuses on packaging items to make for a more simple and pleasant online buying experience. This all helps the business succeed and build customer loyalty.

GLENWOOD, MD – January 18, 2011 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – motorcycle parts and motorcycle accessory retailer, today announced the redesign of its online motorcycle parts and accessory retailing store. The redesign has addressed their customer’s needs for a new way to purchase motorcycle parts and accessories online. “Our customers trust us and when they come to our online store, they want a pleasant, simple and quick buying experience,” said Jim Noss, President of The team at surveyed their customers over a one year period gathering information on what could be done to improve their purchasing experience. The redesign addresses all motorcycle owners from Harley Davidson, Victory, Honda, Yamaha. From Cruiser to Hayabusa and ZX-14 owners.

So, how does a site redesign address these issues? The overwhelming factor was minimizing the time taken to locate parts. Not only that, but in finding parts to complete a project. What took minutes before now only takes a fraction of the time with the implementation of the new custom search engine. In addition to this, customized packages and performance packages for your motorcycle have been created so that the customers need to only purchase the kit to complete their project. everything required can be purchased at once and on one site. The benefits of this are the improved and simple purchasing experience. Time is money and this also saves the customer shipping fees since they can purchase all they require from one online store, that store being has experience increased growth and sales even in a slow economy. The success lies in their core mission, to build customer loyalty. This is achieved by providing excellent customer support and high-quality aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories. “If we do not have a part that a customer wants, we will do our best to find it or refer them to someone that will get them what they want. In the end, it is all about treating the customer as a guest and fellow rider,” said Noss. The business started out with only a few hundred parts and a few manufacturers. The store now carries over 10,000 parts for all makes and model of motorcycles.

The web site offers a wide-range of parts and accessories, expert advice, informational articles, cool blog, and research information for customizing your cruiser. also features powersport products manufactured by Show Chrome, Witchdoctors, Lloydz, Brakeaway, Lyndall, Lindby, Supreme Legends, Aeromach, Ghost Brackets, S&S, Amsoil, Superbrace, GenMar, and MBW. The company was founded in 2005 by motorcyclists to provide fellow motorcyclists with a wide choice of custom motorcycle parts and motorcycle accessories. Please visit us at or by calling +1-888-568-4568.