Indy Cop, David Bisard is Rebooked into Jail for DUI Charges

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – January 15, 2011 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –

Suspended IMPD officer David Bisard appeared in court Friday after new dui charges were filed against him. Bisard stayed out of jail and pleaded not guilty to the new round of drinking and driving charges. The preliminary hearing is giving a glimpse as to how long it may take for this to get to trial.


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  1. I think they should do the same thing to this guy as they would do to the rest of us. House arrest, an ankle bracelet, and an interlock on his car ignition. If he is guilty of the first DWI fatal, he should go to trial for the second DWI, and if convicted of that he should get the same as anyone else who is not a cop. ( General population in jail). Then the survivors should sue the pants off him in civil court and take anything else he owns, he won’t need it.

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