Company Announces More Lay Offs Due to State's "Save Our Jobs" Policy

JACKSONVILLE, FL – January 11, 2011 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – The National Safety Commission (TNSC) announced today that it will lay off 10 to 15 percent of its workforce next month as a result of the Florida DMV’s recent decision to cancel the Learner’s Permit Online Testing Program. TNSC has been a provider of the program for the past six years, but the program that allowed parents to proctor their teens during the exam has been cancelled by the head of the DMV and now mandates that government employees must proctor teen license exams. In a recent DMV study, which proposed transitioning the pilot program into a permanent program, the only comparison data between students who took the knowledge test online and those who took the test at DMV offices showed that online students scored significantly higher.

“This is nothing but a ‘save our jobs’ program which effectively cuts jobs out of the private sector and retains jobs in the government sector,” said Ken Underwood, Founder of the National Safety Commission, the second fastest growing educational company in America according Inc Magazine (2007). “It’s unfortunate that public safety has taken a back seat to protecting government jobs. The teen fatality rate has been cut almost in half since we began providing this program which permits parents to monitor their teens’ driver-education process at home while remaining productive at their job, instead of taking a day off of work to stand in line at the DMV,” Underwood added. The most recent DMV annual report shows that customers waiting in line for 30 minutes or longer is up nearly 1000 percent over the previous year and DMV lines have been reported of up to six hours or longer.

State Representative Erik Fresen of Miami, who serves as Chairman of the House K-20 Education Policy Committee, and whose district has been hit hardest with long DMV lines and wait times, had strong reaction to the cancellation of the program. “In 2007, the DMV reported that they could save 1.3 million tax dollars a year by expanding this program and millions is what the state has been saving.” He added, “I find this decision inherently inconsistent with the policies of a state that is recognizing the value of online education and expanding its availability every day. This decision essentially says that we can trust our teenagers and parents with learning geometry and physics online but not to discern that a red octagonal sign with the words ‘Stop’ means ‘stop’ or what a three-point-turn is. I encourage Governor Scott to reinstate this innovative program immediately and not re-introduce government into areas where efficiencies and savings have already been demonstrated through the private sector such as traffic school and first time driver courses (, and prep courses for new drivers, motorcycle operators, and CDL applicants throughout the United States.”

“Once again, bureaucrats are attacking small business owners and now families,” said Billie Tucker, First Coast Tea Party Organizer. “It is unbelievable that you can secure your Masters Degree or take MIT courses online but a 15-year-old cannot get a learner’s PERMIT online. In essence, the DMV is sending a statement to parents saying, ‘We do not trust you to not cheat.’ I am positive Governor Scott will make the right decision on this matter. He called for Regulatory Reform and here’s an easy one to fix now. Period.”

TNSC is encouraging the public to contact the Governor and voice their concerns at For more information on the National Safety Commission, visit

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