Ride Engineering offers a steering head bracket kit to install a Showa MX steering dampener on KTM

COSTA MESA, CA – January 07, 2011 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Ride Engineering Inc. is the first company to offer a kit to mount a Honda steering stabilizer onto another dirt bike brand. This MX style stabilizer was originally developed by Ricky Carmichael in his days as a factory Honda rider. Today you will find one rigged behind the front number plate of most top-level national pros.

Now a simple bolt-on bracket kit is available for all KTMs complete with mounting instructions. It will fit stock KTM triple clamps and soon to be released Ride Engineering KTM clamps. The Showa dampener is also available for $225, or can be purchased through any Honda dealership. Bracket kits are also available for YZs (2010-11) and KXs (2008-11) however a set of Ride Engineering billet triple clamps are required on these models.

Benefits of the dampener include being able to enter and exit rough or rutted corners more aggressively and less effort is required to negotiate rough, high speed, sweeping turns. The dampener is adjustable for more or less resistance and cannot be detected in the air over jumps. PRICE: $149.95 MSRP

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