Motorcycle USA Chooses SLI Systems' Learning Search for Publishers to Increase Page Views and Improve the Reader Experience

Online Magazine for Motorcycle Enthusiasts Makes It Easy for Visitors to Find Fresh, Relevant Articles, Videos, Blog Posts, Product Reviews and Other Sticky Content

SAN JOSE, CA – December 21, 2010 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Site stickiness and reader loyalty are primary concerns for online publishing sites. To improve these areas and make its digital content site more attractive to advertisers, Motorcycle USA (, a preeminent e-magazine devoted to the world of motorcycles, chose Learning Search for Publishers from SLI Systems (

With the on-demand Learning Search site search solution, Motorcycle USA visitors can now quickly find the content they seek, and are also guided to other useful material, which results in more repeat visits and more products purchased on its sister e-retail site, Motorcycle Superstore (

Published by Motorcycle Superstore and based in Medford, Oregon, Motorcycle USA is a collection of motorcycle reviews, news and race coverage for motorcycle enthusiasts, updated on a daily basis. The digital publication implemented Learning Search for Publishers shortly after the site search solution was implemented on the Motorcycle Superstore e-commerce site.

“Our previous site search solution lacked the type of sophisticated segmenting of search results needed for our audience,” said Jason Miller, CTO and vice president of technology for Motorcycle USA and Motorcycle Superstore. “Readers have different needs when they search — some are looking for buyer’s guides, some want videos, and some want to read news articles or blog posts. Learning Search helps us showcase these content types separately within search results, which draws more clicks to content our readers might otherwise not know we have.”

Learning Search for Publishers provides customizable, SaaS-based site search for digital media sites, helping publishers drive more traffic to their sites, improve the findability of their content, and increase site stickiness. Higher traffic numbers and longer time spent on sites by readers can help publishers attract advertisers, sell subscription content, and draw attention to related products.

“Online publishers that rely on advertising revenue need to attract visitors to more content and encourage them to return to the site. With higher page views per visit, publishers can bring in more advertisers and even raise ad rates,” said Ed Hoffman, vice president of global business and corporate development for SLI Systems. “Learning Search for Publishers gives publishers tools to promote content and make it more accessible to readers, improving the visitor experience and generating more profitable click-throughs.”

Learning Search also enables publishers to control the order of site search results and create custom landing pages for high-traffic queries. For example, Motorcycle USA readers often search for “quarter-mile times,” a popular performance benchmark for motorcycles. The company created a specific category page for the term, including quarter-mile times for popular motorcycles — and the page is now highly ranked on Google. “By using SLI search to listen to the way our customers talk, we’ve been able to build pages they want to visit, and that they can easily link to when they discuss related content within blogs, forums, or message boards — all of which helps with search engine optimization,” Miller said.

With improved search refinements and more relevant search results, Motorcycle USA readers are now more likely to return to the site and to spend more time browsing content — which also benefits the site’s advertisers. Site analytics show that visitors who use search remain on the site 15% to 20% longer than visitors who don’t use site search.

“We have a lot of content on the site and articles on the homepage only remain there for a few days, so it’s easy for people to miss something,” Miller said. “Search has become one of the most valuable tools on our site to help readers find content of any kind. The ROI of Learning Search has been tremendous, as it continues to drive results for both our online publication and retail businesses.”

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