Paul Jr. Designs Unveilings in Sturgis

By Shooters Images

August 20, 2010 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – We had the pleasure of being chosen to photograph 2 new bikes unveiled by Paul Jr at Sturgis this year.  The bikes were unveiled at two separate locations during the rally.  A bike built for Geico was shown first on stage at the Buffalo Chip and another bike unveiled at the Bikers Choice booth in downtown Sturgis.

Both bikes wheels were made by Renegade Wheels and Paul McKelvey of Renegade also shot both bikes : )  One of the shoots occurred in the middle of an impending storm that swept through the area one evening.  We managed to avoid the rain but got caught in a strong wind that whipped up a dust storm during the shoot.  Luckily no damage was done and we continued shooting until well after dark.  The storm clouds proved to be the perfect background for the bike.  The next day we accompanied the film crew as they shoot footage for an upcoming TV episode and later did the photo shoot on the Geico bike.




  1. Paul, Mike, and Vinny- It’s great to see you guys working together again. Looking at the two bikes that you showed in Sturgis it really demonstrates the true talent of the team you have assembled. Fringin things take your breath away.
    I wish you all the very best and great sucess.
    Greg Stonack

    • EXCELLENCE AT IT’S FINEST ……………great job keep these awsome designs pumpin’ out . YOU are the one who has all the talent. TIME FOR THE NEXT GENERATION TO PREVAILE. time for the old man to say I GIVE……..

  2. The rear fender on the Geico bike its sic with the tail coming off the bottom…The pipes on the web bike are nice as well like the way they curve into each other. Don’t really understand the webs over the flame job seems like a cluster of stuff going on but hey whatever I’d still love to have it..Glad to Jr. striking it out on his own Sr. was riding his son’s coaitails IMO anyway…OCC would never be where they are without the design ideas of Jr. anyway at least thats the way I see it.

  3. I for one, would love to see JR. shut the old mans mouth, I’m sure his size 12 will fit nicely. I really like the green bike. I like the black one except the webbing and really believe it would look a lot better without it. Let your designs shine man, don’t cover it up with the overdone webbing. I wish Pauly the best in the future.

  4. Paul,
    Wish you all the best. Glad to see you on your own doing what you do. Keep kicking ass.


  5. keep it up paulie you are the one who got the old man in the position he is now.
    sweat move bringing vinnie rick and shut the old man down

  6. jr, wish u all the best, just want 2 say, and really nun of my bisness, but dont compet wit ur dad, do ur on thing, so far it looks smokin,. I think most of canada respects u 4 standing on ur own, good move bringing in Vin.

  7. JR,
    It was always fun watchign the wheels spinning in your head, and the designs that came out the other end. I feel safe in saying that you and Vin working together again, without the old man beefing at you two constantly, will prove to be a crew that is second to none. Period.

  8. Oh man AWESOME, I watched American Chopper last night with SR yapping about there is no way “those guys can build a bike”…compare these to OCC’s Window Bike which was FREAKIN UGLY AS HELL!!! GO JR and VINNIE and MIKEY!!
    Cant wait for RICK to join you guys!

  9. Free Rick,Free Rick yah hoo, keep going strong and do what you know how to do!Good to see vin back on tv, He was missed!

  10. Bravo Paul…! These bikes are freakin’ awesome! I knew you could do it. Keep up the great work and keep those bikes moving off of those racks. I look forward to more of your awesome work. I’m not a biker but, I will definitely buy something from your online store.

  11. Paulie awsome show love that you are in the position now to do what you do best is pull out some sick bikes! Love the two bikes showed at sturges i hope OCC takes note you guys are serious Badass compretion! Love the show up here in Canada and keep up the good work!

    Rick needs to come over to the right side you 3 guys = unstoppable!!!!

  12. Pauly, You got to work on freeing Rick from the arms of senior. Get him back with the team and let the creative juices flow and build some bad ass bikes for some big time corporate sponsors. All the best to you and the TEAM!!!!

  13. Why did Vinnie leave OCC, was he fired or did he quit? I don’t remember if it was ever addressed on a episode of American Chopper.

  14. just sick man! talk about design!!! Jr. is the man! he works well especially with vinnie and mikey. i hope rick would join…

  15. What a fantastic team you have! I love the two bikes you have shown us, can only imagine what is to come! Stand strong, be proud and kick some ass making the best bike designs ever! Give your dad something to be proud of and a make him eat his own words as he watches you grow into the best bike building company ever!

  16. Awesome! Great to see Vinnie and Mikey back together. I watched the show with my two sons and applaud Paul jr. for continuing to take the high road. It is sad to watch Paul sr. and the joy he seems to get when he thinks his kids are struggling. I hope that Good things happen for good people at Paul jr Designs

    • Good point about Jr.s dad. That is a sickness, and total absolute bullshit thing to do to your sons. He is green with envy now. Thanks Pauly and Mike! We are huge fans from Chippewa Falls, WI.

  17. Paul Jr.
    I am glad you are out of the influence of Sr. I am a fan oF American Choppers for as long as I can remember. At first, I thought the exchanges between Sr. and Jr. were just for T.V. Did not realized it was for real.

    Hope you will turn out to be a good BOSS and manager. Learn from the mistakes of Sr. I am glad to watch the TLC and very happy that Mickey and Vinnie are with you.

    BTW, those two bikes are awesome. I am not a biker, but I know a good bike when I see one. More power to you and your company. Regards to Mickey and Vinnie. How long before Rick will join you? (smile)

  18. Great to see Vinney and Paul Jr. working their magic again. I can only wish that success comes to you guys and wish the best for OCC also. It’s been great entertainment. Good luck!

  19. It’s funny to see Sr. talk about Jr. unable to make the bikes the way he does, but all he does is yell, wait for Jason to copy-and-paste a pre-made design so JQ can cut out some wheels and “trinket logos” to hang off the side while Rick makes the umpteenth tank in a row.

    There’s no real creativity anymore at OCC, it’s all assembly line to cash in on the 1hr commercial show. Jr. definitely help make OCC what it is today and it might take him twice as long to make a bike, but it’ll be twice as nice.

    I guess it’s a good thing Jr. can’t make something as generic as what Sr. can these days…

  20. bad ass bikes i just wish i could afford one……. nice work guys love them keep it up and wish u guys the best in life…..

    • In Oregon there is a bike shop that builds nice looking bikes for the average person. I wish Jr. would build a bike between $12,000.00 to $18,000.00 like this shop does but with his own flare. If it was not for Jr. I would stop watching the show. I know what everyone is saying about Rick joining Jr. but hes right in with the jokes about Jr. and do not think he deserves to be with the best.


  21. I am a great fan of OCC, As well as Paul Jr. As of late OCC has put out some great looking bikes without Jr, showing us that Sr can do more than old school bikes. Well! Jr is proving he still has it by presenting not one, but two gorgous bikes here at Sturges. I want to see these two company’s go head to head on builds, but I would rather see all the Teutil’s make up. FAMILIES SHOULD SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER!

  22. I was in Sturgis for the 70th. I saw Paul Jr and Vinny unviel the 2 bikes just before the Scorpions concert and the bikes were amazing and on Saturday I was at J&P Cycle as my brother was changing out his mufflers on his bike and both bikes that Paul Jr unvieled were there. These bikes are awesome and I believe that Paul Jr designs will out class and sale Paul Sr bikes.

  23. Sorry to say that I’ve never been to Sturgis, guess I’m too old now. I did see your bikes on the website and as always you’ve done a great job. I’m sure that you and your Dad love each other, but I think that you are to much alike to work together all the time. You are extremely talented and I watched most if not all of your shows and couldn’t wait to see what you were going to do next. I’m glad that you’ve struck out on your own and glad that vinny is back. You two work together well and compliment each other. Good Luck and I wish you many years of success.

  24. Dear Paul I am more than glad to be a fan and a watching you evolve the truth is that you do have the vision of art and design. True there was more money and drama at the old place but you’ve proven to the world its about doing what you love and your really making something for your self. I only wish you the best and your an inspiration to young artists abroad – congratulations for everything and changing lives of millions of Americans.

    I’m 30 and one thing you’ve done shown me though your art and work the beauty of motor cycles and I’m not a “motor cycle” person – yet I app engineering and art when your site grows a little more I’ll submit you a pic of a Paur Jr designs inspired cycle I made from bailing wire hot glue and paint, it Has a working swing arm, working chain, steering, and disc breaks and calipers ect….

  25. There is room for the world for OCC and Paul Jr. Designs. The Geico bike has original design concepts, the black and yellow bike is a re-hash of the Black Widow. I think the best is yet to come. FREE RICK!!!!!! Paul Jr. makes art and OCC NOW makes trophies from a formula…. there is a place for both.

  26. Couldn’t agree more @Mark re: art vs trophies. The fender on that Geico bike is awesome. Wonder who is doing the paint on this though…

  27. well I am glad that jr is still kickin a$$ and takin names. Sr seems like a man who has lost all contact with the real world. That new wife must got that jet fuel at home. She seems to be the one really running his life. It was pitiful watching them stroke his ego on thanksgiving with there hands in his back pocket pullin out the 20s. yeah dad we will help you. your the greatest. lol. hope sr gets his act together before he loses everything. Go Jr That Bike Is the $h@t 4 sure.

  28. It’s about time Jr & Vinnie got back together & started building bikes again without that loud mouth fool harrassing everybody like he knows how to build a bike. Every show he does proves he has no idea how to build anything except people not wanting to be around him. Free Rick & find Cody & kick Sr butt off the block. Maybe hire Sr after OCC closes down as shop clean up crew. His only worth. He couldn’t even raise his boys being a drunk & dope head. But he acts like he did everything. What a jerk.

    Good Luck & The World is watching you build some of the coolest bikes the world has ever seen.

    OCC Burn in Hell

  29. You can see the vultures at OCC stroking Paul Sr.’s ego all the time. Of course they agreed with Paul Sr. that Paul JR was slacking. If they could move Paul JR out of the way, the business would be theirs to take. Eventually they will do to Paul Sr. what Harley did to Buell. Blood is always thicker than water…or a business contract.

    • Exxxactly what I’ve been sayin’! Quinn, Jason, & especially Steve love nothin’ better than the boys bein’ out of the picture now. Steve especially strikes me as a weasel…. I’ll bet he’s always whisperin’ poison in Sr’s ear. And Sr has just become so megalomaniacal that he seems to have completely lost touch with reality.

      He even admitted on the “History of the OCC” show that Pauly helped him fab the first 8 bikes he did on “his own” in his basement…. So how can he possibly deny now that Jr helped build the company from the ground up, is directly responsible for how big they’ve gotten due to his artistic vision, not to mention HE designed the freakin’ OCC logo they’re still working under today?! Incredulous!

  30. Jr Its good to see u, Mikey and Vincester back on tv. I think your father is a real ASSHOLE for treating you and Mike like shit. It is what it is. Dont sweat it your old man doesnt deserve your talent. Good luck with the business. Take care. PEACE OUT!

  31. I’m dont ride bikes, I’m more into muscle cars. But i’m a sheetmetal worker by trade. And when i look at these two bikes i see alot of skilled sheetmetal work. I’m not seeing alot of that nemore at occ. My hats off to you paul jr. Keep it up and sr. will regret his decision. And you never know you might shut his doors.. And hes gonna want a job.. haha….

    • I have more talent in my left nut than paul jn has in his hole body, every time I look at him I am embarrassed for him gorrrd he makes me want to smack him right in his fat ugle chops

    • don’t talk wet, your no more a sheet metal man then me as if U were U would see occ does do pleanty of good work, weather u like occ or not they still do good work U nutsack

  32. Hey Pauly, dont look back man, not even for one second. Your talent put OCC on the map and you will surely do the same for your new company. You made one smart move getting Vinnie back and the two of your minds together will pump out many more jaw-dropping bikes. Its only a matter of time before Rick and the others wake up and realize their true talents can never be released while under the rule of OCC. It’s only a matter of time before Rick, Christian and others come a knocking. But please keep the door closed for Mike Ammirati. He’s a dill weed “yes man”, the same goes for Steve, your fathers biatch.

  33. I just went to see OCC and Paul Jr’s shops tuesday August 24th. Thoughts and prayers for roofer and his family. Same for you and your family to make amends , Paul Sr. and Paul Jr.. I don’t ride but I love the artistry of the bikes, both shops! Play and work fair and both do your best to do the next right thing.

  34. Paul Jr keep up the great work glad to see that you guys have 2 bikes under your new name and as far as I am concerned everybody knows that you put OCC on the map. Your father should know that life is short and your children are everything to you, a time will come Paul Sr when you will be very sad that you don’t have them there. I have been a fan of the OCC show for a long time and remember when you used to get very upset when your arguments with your children where bad. Life is not over for you Paul Sr. make time to love and talk with your children they are your legacy not the people that are your employees they will always agree with you and you need to have positive criticism you won’t shred your masculinity by doing this.

    Paul Jr. wish you and your new bride the very best, hope you reach all your goals in life don’t ever give up for anything less and remember to treat your children with encouragement, love, and understanding and respect. Also Paul Jr. continue to look after your brother Mike he needs positive people in his life.

  35. Hey pauly, the two bikes are sick, I knew you would pull it off. Just continue what you do best, building good ass bikes. Ass for your dad, he talks alot of shit on the show, and pudding you down. Which is not right, i think he is jealous that you have your own shop. I always like him, but the way his acting, is not right. By the way, I order two shirts from your store on line. keep up the good work.

  36. it blows my mind how all of you can just let jr off the hook like that. before i start i will say he is super talented and did heavily contribute to the success of occ and sr. is off the wall and he is who he is and i will not defend his actions. OK here comes the BUT. there are a million companies that have awesome important employees. they are paid for there sevices and they never own the company. my father worked at the press for 45 years and when he retired he did not own that company. you people claim to have watched the shows but i wonder how you never saw jr come in any hour of the morning he felt like with gas station coffee in hand not one time but over and over and over and over and over you get the point. if he wasn’t the bosses son he would have been fired. sr may be an ass at times but he is also a business man that runs that business very well. jr worked much more in the early years. if you watched the same shows i watched later on he just walked around the shop and told everybody what to do JUST like sr. two bosses? we all know those spoiled rich kids in this world. WELL jr is exactly that a spoiled rich kid. judging by that house jr lives in i would say he made i mint at occ showing up with coffee in hand whenever he felt like it. i am not siding with sr. it is simply that you people are just way to willing to let the slacking spoiled bosses kid off the hook just because he is talented. shame on corporate america for backing jr. with builds. it’s like saying hey! we support spoiled lazy rich kids. is he going to allow his employees to show up any time they want with coffee in hand. hey! no doubt he’s super talented but i just can’t support this spoiled lazy rich kid i ask all of you to think twice before you shower this ego spoiled rich kid with all this praise. one last thing remember that harley that sr got jr to show his appreciation did your dad ever get you a new harley as a gift ? boy! sr was a prick ther wasn’t he

    • Sr. also gave Cody a bike that he took back….it was for appearance purpose only. Jr. also gave Sr. an ATV for his birthday. Sr. admitted that when he gave Jr. the Harley, it was because he didn’t get him anything for a couple of birthdays or a couple of Christmas. Jr. has his own company now…so if he doesn’t manage it right then it won’t be a success….but I don’t see that happening. Now Ron….you better get back to work before Sr. see’s you goofing off on the internet, and puts his size 12 up you….GET BACK TO WORK AND QUIT SLACKING OFF…RON

  37. What the hell its about time. I can’t wait to get m ass in the saddle of a jr design bike. Too bad sr can’t see what the hell he did. Suck to be him but jr will be alright. Free rick… awsome to see vinnie again..

  38. I would like to see Jr do a Mikey tribute Scooter LOL Serously Mikey is to funny and anyone can make a bike look cool but can they make a scooter look cool? I like the fact Jr & Mikey are so close. Sr is Sr and I like him to it is ashame this has happened. Pride comes before a fall and Sr’s pride as the leader of the Family has contributed to the Fall of the Family for sure I not saying Jr is blameless i agree he was slacking a bit But calling him a Rich kid come on he did work for it Rich kids dont have to Work. The BEST thing is I just like seeing anything that is Made in America Still and this show does just that Americans Still make the Best products Just a side note I searched for 3 weeks looking for a replacment American flag and refused to buy one made ANYWHERE Else I finaly found one made by the Annia ( SP?) Company I just had to add that I know that has nothing to do with JR & SR ECT But it does because here is 2 companys building something Great right here. And i think the people should rally behing Jr and get another Great American Company off the Ground. and OCC will survive the market will support both of them and I do Hope Rick P succeds in his endevors also This is America and we need more people willing to strike it out on there own so I think everyone should be Happy for JR & Sr and there accomplishments PS Vennie Rocks it is Very Good to see him building again and With JR that rocks in my Book!PS if Jr reads this i do think you should not limit your self to bikes I think you should do a complete line of outdoors stuff Bikes, Scooters, Quads, sand rails buggies & Even Boats / jet skies I say skys the limit for you pal God Bless the Teutle Family! I do hope a mends come soon.

    • I agree about doing a Mikey tribute bike! Or a bike incorporating Mikey’s artwork into it! Saw a glance of Mikey’s art on the wall, and there are elements to it that are really quite good! I think there are artistic vibes flowing in the bro’s. Good to see you working together.

  39. Oh and Paul jr i think when runnung your Co you should look at some great company leaders like Patterson ( NCR Dayton Oh) and model your company after how he built a Great Company Oh And one thing trll Mikey he needs to get a better team Go Bucks! O.H.I.O Ha Ha!

  40. I wouldn’t call Jr. lazy. It may seem like he was but that is the deal with designing. You just can’t get a design just like that, a lot of times you walk around see certain things then all of a sudden “there it is.” I’ve seen Jr.’s “laziness” on the show but when he gets the idea, he’s there after hours. Now “spoiled” is usually receiving something for nothing. I never seen him get anything for nothing. He designs and fabricates and made O.C.C. Now as for Sr., looking back at the shows, most of the time he is just there to make a loud ruckus ( maybe TLC/Discovery channel told him to be like that). All he says after a build (without his help) is “FIRE IT UP!” and smiles like he help fabricate the bike. FREE RICK!!!!!

  41. Congradulations Paul Jr., very proud of what you’ve accomplished! Follow your heart and keep doing what you’re dreaming!

  42. You dont do shit buy a tank and weld some shit on it and think your shit dont stink . lets see you make a tank or frame from scratch you ar so lucky no one who watches your sho knows shit about bikes . fags

  43. Got to say these to bikes take my breath away. I thin their as good or better then any bike OCC has put out more so the recent bikes since JR left, SIR might just be in trouble.

    I hate to see a family fight but am glad to see Jr doing well and moving along, with the old gang back and vinni’s return just makes the show like it was back in the day. Build bikes, make laughs, build bikes, SR kicks a door or two in, and more laughs. This is why the show went down hill, they took the fun out of it and made it all about the business and bikes, you can only WATCH A BIKE BUILD SO MANY TIMES.

    I also noticed SR sitting around alot, but having owned a business and helping run a family business that is what the boss normally does.

    I also agree, gene needs JR to do a kiss bike, might have to shoot him a message about that.

  44. i havent had a ticket or a claim since ive been with gieco . they bumped my premium 300$ a year from last year. i own part of that bike.

  45. Is I have to say, is the bikes look awesome. Seems like Sr takes every chance he gets to dig and make comments about Pauly. Sr should just let it go, he is all sour grapes.. Oh, and Ron, dude, Jr was the talent behind OCC, don’t care if he came in everyday at 10-11-12, what ever, he was the talent that had the vision for those bikes. Now OCC’s bike are getting more cookie cutter. Pauly was designing the bikes long before they did the designs on Computer, how many times was he just sitting there drawing things out on paper.. Jason has no talent without his CAD program.
    I don’t wish OCC any harm, just wish Sr would stop all the jabbing at JR.
    The way Pauly’s mind works is fun to watch and eyecandy when he is done. He builds some amazing stuff. OCC has no one even close that can fill his shoes.
    Only wish Jr the best of luck with his new shop..

  46. I personally am discusted the way senior is talking about his son, not only gunning after him on a super personal level he is doing it infront of his staff and to millions of viewers!!! he has always ben a horses ass but at least before this new wife he actually felt bad and would always do the right thing and make up.. i am a father of two and could never never never say or do anything close to what that goofy old man has done and said!!! you would think senior would at the very least and i mean the very least admit that it was a joint effort and the two of them equally built that company and that with discovery and a hell of a lot of great ideas from jr. and some awesome luck they got sighned for a second jr no OCC!!just rewind ull c….

  47. I used to watch O.C.C with my husband everytime it was on…NOW… I refuse. I am embarrassed at the way SR talks to people especially his children. I no longer watch O.C.C because I am not willing to financially support SR and his tyrants. My husband however watches SR vs. Jr. We are currently watching the episode where SR and his clowns put a motorcycle on the ramp with a dummy that they dressed as JR…. How classy. When I watch I often wonder which person is the parent and how mature JR and Mikey are just for the fact that they are unwilling to talk bad about their dad. SR should follow in his boys footsteps and grow up. The only reason I watch any of the shows is to see the unveil of the motorcycles that JR has built. How beautiful!!! Congrats on the new business and keep up the good work. BTW do you own a huge house, build a new company, and drive a hummer if your business is not going well? DOES SR watch the reruns and cringe or does he just not see it at all? The entire episodes are for SR are based on smashing his children!!! GET A LIFE SR!!!!!

    • I can’t agree with yoy more!!! I wish TLC channel would drop OCC and just have the Jr. show. My wife loved the show but stopped watching about 1 1/2 ago because of Sr. I only watch it now because of Jr., and when they show OCC I turn the channel then turn back ever once in awhile until Jr. and the boys are around. I think Rick is a great bike builder but I would not want him with Jr. because he is right there making fun of Jr. and Vinnie. I would like to see Cody with Jr.

  48. BTW…Jason working with SR is the biggest clown of allllllll! He follows SR around and kisses ass the entire time.

  49. Saw both bikes and they were deffinatly badass works of art !! Paul jr keep up the badass work !! When you get unbusy please let me know !!! I want a bike built for sure by you not your old man !!

  50. Geico bike looks great.
    Paul Sr is an illiterate POS that got lucky with his son and TV deal – otherwise He’d just be turning out railings.
    He is an unsympathetic character – and rather juvenile despite professing to be a smart businessman (wasting time and money to build a big sligshot, for example).
    You had to feel sorry for the boys and crew with Sr.’s inconsistent participation in builds. Rarely contributing anything but negativity and anguish. Who would want to work in that environment??
    Reading stuph posted at other sites, there is probably a devil in Sr.’s ear guiding him and justifying what is going on w/ OCC…he has too many partners now.

    One thing for sure, you will see Jr.’s work ethic when it is HIS responsibility to turn out product. His old man should have retired and let his kid have the responsibility – but is ego is bigger than those sagging biceps.
    Despite what you have seen on TV with jr.’s ‘material goods’ derived from the family biz, I bet he was underpaid as is common in these situations. That would breed resentment also (in showing up late).

    Rock on Jr. (new logo is nice). The old man needs an intervention of some kind to realize he has made some bad mistakes AGAIN in his life. In the meantime, it will be fun to watch what you do w/ creative control and the absence of the troll trolling the shop. The way you support Mikey is admirable… something I might have a hard time doing.

  51. I have Insurance with Geico, and have for many years, I was so glad Geico had a chopper done by Paul JR. the true designer of bikes. I think every one who likes that bike should get Geico Insurance. What a fantastic bike. All the help at OCC is glad Paul Jr. is gone, they think they can take Paul Sr.’s childrens place, well we all know they can’t. There is love in that family, and there will always be love in that family no matter what any one say’s or thinks, some day OCC will be Paul Jr.’s and Mikey’s Business. With the responsibility of opening Paul’s Design by Paul Jr. he will be able to sucessfully run and operate a business or two. You need time to think and allow your mind time to design idea’s, and that is what Paul Sr. does not understand about Paul Jr. I like the fact that there is no DRAMA and they can get to the business at hand, design bikes. I will say Paul Sr.’s health looks much better now that all the Drama is gone from his life, it is a shame Paul Jr. seems to be all the Drama in his father’s life. Sr. had a wonderful child and that was Jr. what went wrong Sr. ? Why don’t you allow Jr’s visions to develope, all he has ever done was help your business to grow by his design’s, what a delight that would be for any father who wants the best for his child, I think Sr. is jelious or Jr’s talent. So what if he came in late, no one says anything about Sr. leaving early. My father and brother worked together all their life in a family owned business, my brother came in at 11:00 A.M. every day, NEVER was their a problem, my father went home every day early. One person covered for the other person and they had a wonderful working relationship, all their lifes. Sr. you have nothing better to do then bitch at Jr. all day, or when ever you felt like it. Lets see when the bike was done you were the first one to admire that bike, and make the sale, as a result of Jr’s hard work and design’s. Jr. deserved more then 20% of that business, and you are trying to take that away from him, keep trying it will not work Jr. deserves at least 20% so keep on paying him. Not to worry Sr. when your to old to go down to OCC your son’s will be there for you, they love you, you are Dad to them forever, that will not change. Make sure they are in your will and Jr. get’s OCC as he loves what he helped his Dad build and is proud of it, make sure they get the house and land, they are family, and deservent of it, wifes come and go, and marry for what they can get, but family is what helped get you what you have today and they can not be left out. Leave the wife 100,000.00 and let her go get her own home, the rest goes to family. That would show your final love to your boys. They love you Sr. Working with Jr. seems to be a lot of stress on you so he felt it was time to move on and allow you time and health, he does not want to be the cause of ill health to you. Jr. did the right thing for himself at the right time, good or bad Jr. was not going to cause any physical ill health to his father, who he always respected on the show. Time will heal all things, Paul Jr. has to get his business going and he has work to do, he will prove to you he can get to work at 9;00 A.M. I think Jr. was in love and he needed extra time to develope his love, so he came in late, he is a young man who is in love and relationships take that extra special thing or two. Allow him that special time in his life, Sr. you were young once, and you did it your way, so what is the problem with a hard working young man who is responsible doing it his way? He does not need you jumping down his back every time he turns around. He has been responsible to OCC and he has done his job well, to the tune of success for OCC. Stop trying to take the 20% away from Jr. to prove your love and apprication, you must stop all actions against Jr. If you HATE Jr. so bad continue on, and give it all away to stranger’s, who never worked a day in their lifes toward that business. Be stubborn, see where it gets you.
    You Go Geico…Great Bike….Wonderful Choice.. Thank You Paul Jr.

    • I really think Sr. started really went too far with the 7 am with Jr for a number of reasons. 1. It coincided with his b!tchiness that fueled the ratings in the first place. 2. It instilled into Jr. that he was under his dad as HIS employee and not in anyway an active part owner of the company and therefore in no way held an authority as equal to Sr. 3. The more time Jr. was working, it meant more brainstorming and therefore more designs. To Sr. it meant, more time means more money. 4. It allowed Sr. to exercise his control freak issues on everyone including/and most of all his son/co-owner.
      My uncle owns a machine shop and much of the family worked there one time or another including my own dad. Yet, as an employee and not co-owner, my dad has always been allowed to leave early when he needed. And the co-owner was always held in high respect by my uncle. He was even deemed a trustee to his will if he died.
      The way Sr. treated Jr. as a son was deplorable. The way he treated him as a co-owner was unprofessional. The way he treated him as a person was convenient to whatever mood he was in.

  52. Jr. Did the three things that made O.C.C what it is today. First he designed the awesome trademark logo that is worth far more than a production line of choppers. Second he designed the website where they were found by the discovery channel. Third, watching him work and present his ideas is what made the show. All Sr. did was booster ratings with his rants. I thought Sr. was a bulley with a soft heart but he turned out to be a real ass. The episode where Sr. wrecked a bike with a dummy dressed to look like his son was just plain sick. What an asshole!

    • you people obviously never watched the show…. Paul Sr. started that company in a basement…. he didn’t have 100’s of thousands of dollars of equiptment to work with, nor a crew of anything ,and created bikes that showed and sold better looking than these that jr created…here….
      Jr’s, a lazy ass that constantly took credit for Jason Pools designs,,,Vinny’s mechanic work, and a number of other things he wasn’t responsible for….

      Watch some of the season 6 episodes every single episode Vinny cracked on Paul Jr, for not laying a finger on a bike and when he did he broke something that would put Vin behind on his own work…Vinny’s own words were when Jr. helps it’s one step foreward(Vinny’s) and 3 steps backwards (Jr)……So his own best friend outs him constantly on TV, but you side with this ego driven freak…not a chance …store bought frames,,,store bought tanks…store bought everything Hell Paul Jr. shouldnt even have his name on these ..well anymore that Arlen Ness or anyone of the other manufacturers that sent him the “custom” parts…available to us all lol

      and just for the record Paul Sr. launched a motorcycle with a dummy of himself off of the roof long before he did last weeks creek jump, his kids put his face on that one and I dont remember him whining about it ,he just reved up the motor and drove that hummer to make it fly…….

      Paul Sr. (real Biker) & Bike Builder…….Paul Jr. (real pussy) & Bikers son

      • In the “History of the OCC” episode of the original show, Sr admits that Pauly helped him fabricate those first 8 bikes he built in the basement… So why is he denying Pauly any credit nowadays, for helping build the company from the ground up??

      • He didn’t have a hundred thousands of dollars to start from? Um, wrong. He started the business as an extension of his steel business Orange County Iron Works. Though the whole ordeal of Orange County Iron Works is shady with all the fraudulent lawsuits and of course all this done by convincing his sons to take on the business. Little did they know, dad was not doing conducting it legally. Another example of taking advantage of family for wealth.

    • And the worst part even that it was a CB450 , one of the most interesting technical bikes, I wish they would shoot the Sunny Bike down the Grand Canyon!
      70,s Honda.s rule!
      Jr, love your work. Sr ,you,re a jealous a——-e!( but a lot of dads are like that…..)

  53. These asswipes could build themselves out of paper bag. These bikes are unrideable pieces of garbage . . .

    Oh, and it’s all scripted you morons!

  54. Glad to see Pauly’s assembling the old crew together again. Vinny’s been missed. Nub’s back. Agree he needs to “Free Rick” & get Christian down there too. Where’s the Codester at in all this… Him & Vin were doin’ V-Force together? Is he still runnin’ that, in case PJD falls through & Vin needs somewhere to go back to?

    OCC was very stale. Watched the first several years, but then got bored with all the constant bickering, & when Sr started “mass producing” cookie cutter bikes. Started watching again about a year ago, when Pauly first left. Big Paul admitted in the “History of the OCC” episode of the old show that Jr helped him fab some on those first 8 bikes built in the basement, so why bother denying credit now?? Jr’s influence is evident everytime the OCC logo is shown.

    The fact that even Mikey won’t talk to Sr speaks VOLUMES! What kind of dad & business owner spends days of work time/employees production, building a slingshot so he can catapult a dummy of his son, or continually does driveby’s stalking Jr at his new shop?? Either TLC is editing things to make them look a certain way for ratings, or the kids are the mature grownups of the Teutuls.

    And yeah… Pauly may come in late, but he was usually the one who seemed to be working late also. You NEVER see Sr at the shop past late afternoon it seems. And what the hell’s his obsession with 7am start time… This ain’t factory/shift work?!

    Some of you guys got me thinkin’ about the whole new wife bit (Beth?). Perhaps she’s the one filling Sr’s head with all the crap about how Pauly didn’t help build the brand, then Quinn & Steve reinforce it at the shop. Steve in particular strikes me as a weasel, whispering in Sr’s ear.

    I agree that I hope Pauly NEVER hires them or that Mike guy. Pool just needs to keep his freakin’ mouth shut about family matters & what his contributions to OCC have been. He seems like an overall good kid with a lot of graphics skillz…. But he didn’t help get the company to where the brand is today…. He joined up when they were already at the summit

    “Free Rick!” ;D

  55. LMAO!! Jr’s is at least working now creating all these names and posting how great he is, since he is not building any bikes. Two bikes does not keep the doors open. The only money is in the drama of the TV show milking it all for what is worth. Another WEB bike… Brilliant!!

    Go to Jr’s website…. selling clothes… no bikes any where… CLOTHES! The emperor is naked…

  56. Firstly it would be hard for Jr. to have helped Sr. build those first bikes as he wasn’t born until 1974 that would have made him about 3 whn he started Helping his dad design and build…..”get a grip dude” he was still crappin in his pants,,,,,and while you’re all building Jr. his trophy wall, maybe you can answer me this,,,,, where did the Geico bike come from, I saw NO brainstorming about it, no chicken scratch type drawings which paul jr is limited too, no instruction or Design conversations at all , they got themselves a master fabricator,and when he showed up, paul just reaches back on the shelf and produces a digitally rendered finished print of the entire bike, paint and all,not one comment was ever made about who, what, where, when, and, how it was designed………
    So if you all think that just because he designed a logo that resembles a crown declaring himself KiNg before ever riding solo in the race,makes it so, then good luck to you…..

    We know Renegade made the Wheels on the web Bike and the Geico, the clutch, tranny,Engine, all store bought as is for both….Paint by Nubby…….

    Anti Venom design contributions = pickup stix web design on tank…ooooh !
    Geico = Notta…….he better change his website to Paul Jr. designer T’s and caps…………………………..sorry…..

    Famous Quote ” they say I give them hell,I say No! I just give them the truth and they think it’s hell”……………….HST

    • You must not be able to read or hear–Sr. said that Jr. helped him start building bikes. Sr started his busn. working in steel when Jr. was small ( like your brain!!!) Even Sr. said that Jr. helped him with the first 8 bikes. You hear and remember only what you pea brain wants to.

      • you must be a special needs kid like the Tuetul boys look at the sunshine smiley face bike built by Sr…….you idiots seem to think that Sr. has only been building bikes since OCC existed NOT EVEN CLOSE TO TRUE…. he was building bikes way before that, just because the business started in the 90’s doesnt mean SR’s bike building did too, and for you previous dittoheads that believe he did it will hundreds of thousands, then maybe you can tell me whenyou look at the re-run of that basement just where the machines would have fit….
        He is a business man and as such did not spend millions on equiptment up front in the hopes that he would be sucessfull, he built bikes…
        So for all you self grandizing kids like paul jr and Mikey who have instant gratificationitis….you need to get ur facts straight…. here are 2 that I’m sure you’re not aware of and if you were you must be in denial like the rest of your generation
        1. Paul Jr. shortly after getting control of the Iron works took hundreds of thousands of dollars from a company for Steel work, then filed bankruptcy, keeping the money, and spiriting away the cash as he sold off equiptment from that business to avoid having to pay back those companies that had trusted him, in fact the Whole state of NY is suing paul jr. for Bankruptcy fraud…..look it up dorks ..he’s a sneak thief and a waistoid
        2. One small thing you all neglect to mention is that Paul Sr. only filed the lawsuit against his son after Paul jr. did what he always does which is lie ,but his father was too smart for him..Paul Jr. never seems to mention that he was trying to sell his 20% of OCC to an outside party, and that’s what forced the suit , Paul sr. had to enforce the contract the 2 of them had by law ,because the spoiled little brat rich kid thinks he’s above the law above NY STATE contract law above NY State Bankruptcy Law,and there are ethics in business violations as well that are being looked in to for how he stole the iron works capital with his brother to leave their customers swinging in the wind for hundreds of thousands $$$…
        So you all keep tooting his horn as he can’t afford his mansion payments,and all that fancy machinery (that he doesn’t know how to use) comes to needing to be paid for….I know for a fact that he’s told allmost all his equiptment suppliers that they would be paid on the back end…..back end of what his latest project letting a 21yr old kid do an out of the parts book quad 4 wheeler rebuild…that ought to about cover 1 baker

        The 1 thing I will give paul jr. is that he talks just like a coin dealer he’s FOS and can make it drip like honey spewing his garbage,,,and for those of you that think sr needs to pay Mikey what he owes him…FOR WHAT ? not killing himself on the job with a pencil eraser…Mikey does what pal jr says always has and always will sr didnt do anything to mikey but mikey acts like a teenage girl that’s been felt up at the movies….
        What the kids are about to get is a case of act right…the old man is gonna die and leave that compnay to his wife and his dog,and the 2 ungreatfull brat bastards can just swim in it…..
        Watching paul jr and Mikey together wreaks of Rain Man….. one ego driven greed monster, and one …well I don’t really know what Mikey is, maybe someone should drop a box of toothpix in front of him sometime to see if he has any value at all…………just look up NY State Law and Paul Jr. and see who it is you idolize

    • @Justice

      Paul Jr. helped co-founded the business in 1994. He did indeed help design the first bikes because again OCC wasn’t a business until 1994.
      I think you are confused into thinking that Sr. worked on bikes in his basement in the 70’s and the business that he owned then, was the Orange County Iron Works.
      Paul Sr. didn’t get into his passion of building bikes till he had the free time in the 90’s that Orange County Iron Works gave him that time. He had the money to start OCC from his his steel company Orange County Iron Works.

  57. Jr was a rock star at OCC. What I see now is a more mature, hard-working talented young man who has enough class to not repay his father’s evil intent. I wish him the very best! Paul Sr’s actions, and lack of creativity will eventually drive business away from OCC. If I were the CEO of a corporation, I’d want to deal with creative, positive people who walk the high road. Paulie has shown the world he can put together a team as well as turn his dreams into mobile masterworks. This is only the beginning. The OCC brand has become stale and too safe; the future is with Jr.

    I’ll never be able to afford one of his creations, and even if I could, I’d prefer something with wings and a propeller. That said, Discovery/TLC has raised the bar of craftsmanship for all of us with a small workshop and the dream of building something with our own two hands. I pray Sr. will wake up and repent, and the disfunctional Teutles will once again become a happy family. Free Rick! CLEAR PROP!

  58. Jr. and Sr. both have thier faults but between the two of them Sr. is really showing who the biggest horses ass is. Jr. is at least taking the high road and acting like a adult instead of making jab after jab like his father. Sr. is on somekind of mega ego trip saying on national television that Jr. didnt have anything to do with the success of OCC. Without Jrs designs OCC wouldnt have went anywhere near what it is today. But on the other hand without Srs success with Orange County Ironworks Jr wouldnt have had the opertunity and equipment to build bikes. I’v lost A LOT of respect that I had for Sr since the split and I swear I think hes delusional an another thing if I was part owner of the business and I knew I had to go and listen to the old man bitch all day I wouldnt be in a hurry to get there either as long as the bikes were getting done. Of course Sr. has plenty of people egging him on at OCC, Jason Poole for example is a smart ass waste of space that needs to worry about his hairspray sponser and should maintain a safe distance because if Sr. stops suddenly Poole’s going to plunge in up to his shoulders. Some of the OCC employees must thnk thier going to cash in on Jrs and Mikeys share but I got news for them, thats just more for Sr cause he aint sharing LOL. Jr needs to get Rick and Christian Freed from OCC and then Sr would have to come to the realization that hes totally screwed because when thier gone there would be zero talent left at OCC. I wish Jr. all the best and I’m glad hes got Mikey and Vinnie and Cody over there and He’ll get more bike builds. I really think Sr through the venders is making it hard on Jr and its just a thought but with the way Sr is badmouthing every move Jr makes a lot of companies wouldnt want to take the chance of being associated with Paul Jr Designs for fear of bad publicity. I very much applaud Geico for stepping up to the plate and letting Jr show what he can do and helping shut the old mans mouth.
    GO ON JR.

  59. i hope that once u make ur first bike everybody will see that u were te brains behind occ and all those great bikes that came out of occ.
    i have the same type of relationship with my dad. we had a construction company tat he started . he was the owner and pres
    i was the vp that did most all of the work and all the detail work just like u .
    Our fam and friends say that me and my dad act just like u and ur dad . now me and my father parted ways over this last summer now im trying to go mo own. i wish ur company all the best

  60. paul jr you just rock my world with your outstanding designs I am 60 yrs old and i hope pray to god every night that you take your loud mouth s.o.b. of a father and drive him into ground. i hope you and your new wife have a great life together, and i hope that mikie can find his little ninch in life. but i wish upon your father the greatest down falls and heartach that he has coming to him,i think he is the he is nothing but a jerk. he thinks that he is so tought and that hulk hogan mustach he looks stupid and for a grown man to always have his shirt sleeves torn out even at his own wedding makes him so inmature that it is sickening to have to look at him. i hope in the near future you have your own show. and i also think rick was a trader to you and that goofie kid is so stupid . i would love see them go down in a ring fire. you have all of my respect and pretty hard to get from a 60 year woman. keep your head up and keep on doing what you do best . ann in atlanta ga.

  61. I wish sr. would grow up and stay out of jr’s business!!!!!!!!
    instead of messing with paul jr. senior should be proud that
    his son is following in senior’s footsteps….
    O.C.C. & Paul Jr. designs should join & create the baddest bikes.


  63. Awesome bikes and always watched the show and Paul jr is amazing. His work got them where OCC was when they split.

    I put money on the Show Sr vs Jr will change to just JR and his company and Drop Sr. from TV. I say that because i never see anyone say anything really really great about them now nor do i see thier bikes but nothing now but regular bikes with a tad bit of custom and good paint. Those two bikes at Sturgis by Paul Jr. are jaw dropping. period.

  64. I hope and pray that Paul Sr. starts living the spiritual life of a RECOVERING alcoholic, and seek some sort of outside help for his anger, self esteem and PRIDE issues. I am also in recovery. I’ve gone through the “12 steps” and my father and I have never been better. It does NOT matter what Jr. is doing or has done. It is Sr.’s responsibility to “live and let live”. LOVE your family UNCONDITIONALLY. Smash your EGO and pride. And forgive, forgive and forgive…love, love, love…ALWAYS!!!!! Tell your kids, in some form or another that you Love them EVERYDAY. NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!

  65. Paul Jr. 4 life!!! Any issues the kids have is because their dad is such a tool!!! Paul Jr is talented and senior is a drooling, cocky, no talent, horrible father and the show probably doesn’t show the half of it.

  66. I just got done reading all these coments about OCC and Sr and JR. What I wish would happen is for Jr. to bring in Cody, that TLC would be smart enought to let JR. and Mikey have their own show, and keep Sr.s OCC on too and lets see what one gets the best ratings. I would bet that in one year TLC would drop OCC. I would hope that Jr. would not hire any old workers from OCC because they all where making fun of him and would back stab him if had a chance. The only one I would have liked to go with Jr. was Rick, but he turned on JR as soon as he left. I know that a lot of people like Rick a lot, and so did I, but if you watch the show you will see he is right there on all the joke pulling of Jr. with everyone else. My wife stopped watch as soon as Jr. left. What she said was she was not going to watch five more seconds of Sr. That she would watch if Jr. had his own show. I just turn the channel back and forth and try to just catch Jr. and the boys. Steve and Jason on OCC –I don’t want to say because its not nice!!!!! Hope the guys at PAUL JUNIOR DESIGNS kick ass (and you know whos) I don’t hate Sr. but he needs mental help, and I hope he does leave his property and business to his boys(all THREE of them!!!!!!!

  67. Paul Jr. Designs made two of the coolest bikes I have ever seen on American chopper even having been watching since the first episode. It’s sad when all of your sons are more mature than you and can build better motorcycles than you as well. Paul Senior looks like a spoiled stubborn baby this season. Good luck Paul Jr. Designs with your shop and hope to see new episodes of your show soon without orange county choppers.

  68. Paul,

    I love your designs and wish you very much success in the future. Also, does Vinnie and Cody still have their business as well (V-Force)?



  70. Hi Paulie,
    Just an average mom here who has been watching your show with my husband since it started. It’s sad to see how insecure your father is that he has to degrade you instead of encouraging you with all that you have done. As a parent you always want to see your kids exceed beyond what you’ve taught them and when they do your proud. I know I am proud of my daughters. They’re both different in many ways but you love them for their differences. I’m not sure who taught you your professionalism and genuine kindness, probably you mom I’d guess. Don’t change a thing in what your doing you have a amazing talent and if you love what your doing everything else will continue to fall into place! Even though I’m not your mom I’m proud of who you’ve become and wish you and Rachel the best in your upcoming marriage. You both will be great parents! You have a wonderful brother (Mikey) as well and good friends behind you! Maybe you can help Mikey design a bike, for him ? Have him put his artist signature on it!
    Something to think about….I was looking at your antivenin bike and love it! Why not use the spider as you logo with your JR logo on the spider. I think it would be a great ongoing combination! Then again it’s just my opinion. Keep doing what your doing you are a good person.

    Best of Luck!

    Theresa Nathan

  71. Great job guy don’t worry about the compition between u and Ur father man we all know that he may have taught u how to build but u paulie took it to the next level and for Ur father to say that Ur worthless is a sin against God I understand how u feel my mom did the same to me keep Ur head up .


  73. i think it’s all soap opra. soon there will be a kind of prodical son episode. ratings will be out the roof. then they’ll have to come up with a new angle. they will and i’ll watch. its good stuff. makes me thiink of my dad, he’s been gone a long time. recently saw the rerun of the N.Y. yankees bike. again definately one of my favorites. grandema was genuine, awesome! call me old fashion but thats the shit life is made of and bike design ideas come from. also i think Rick would be more in place at Paul jrs.

  74. Good Luck Pauley, Keep up the Great work. Love All your bikes,
    ANTI-VENOM Bike was a Masterpiece aswell as the GIECO Bike……………..

  75. I don’t know how Paul Sr. can treat his son like that. He appears to be a dry drunk. Maybe he needs to go out and drink himself into oblivion like he did when his boy’s were growing up and he was missing in action while their mother shouldered all the responsibilty. He should be greatful his kids even talk to him. My old man was a drunk like him and no matter what me or my brothers did it wasn’t good enough. How could he shun Paul Jr. on the most important day of his life. Paul’s Jr. is better off without him. OCC will be on life support without Mikey and Paul.

  76. As usual you all see what you want to see check this link it is for Matt Hotch’s business logo on a t-shirt…it will prove once and for all what paul Jr. is capable of….Matt Hotch is a 2 time Biker buildoff winner,and been building custom cycles for some time he also has a company named hotmatch custom cycle parts check the logo …Paul jr. couldn’t even come up with an original design for his company logo as the crown had already been taken and yet he used it to define what ?? his individuality,,,no ,but it did show he is willing to take others work and claim it to be his own,and one more thing watch the last aired episode of American chopper where Sr’s long time friend talks about Paul sr, and another stocky built guy showing up with 2 customs on a trailer for sale at the ralley he states that to be 30 years ago…okay now lets do some math shall we……..Paul jr. 37 paul sr. selling custom bikes at the ralley 30 years ago hmmmmmmmmm. so paul jr’s contribution to those builds would have been what ? fruitloop fingerprints ,,,, they started OCC together but not a bike building reputation,and one more thing for those of you that like to dis Sr. he knows that spoiled brat for what he is,and was trying to teach him some type of work ethic, of which he has none ,remember the endless times he would encourage destruction of property by anyone and everyone ,always goating Mikey into throwing this or breaking that smashing doors and busting glass all over the place wrecking perfectly good golf carts the list gos on and on ,and the whole time his father never got mad about any of that ,hell in fact he joined in from time to time,,,now lets fast foreward to paul jr. and how he treated Mikey for getting a bit of paint on the parking lot…..and how he whined and whined about it,what a punk !! 2 sets of rules in his world he can bust up anything he wants as long as it isn’t his but once it is …put it in a crystal case and light it up for display,,,,and by the way no one has mentioned or refuted my comments about the Geico bike and when ,where ,and how ,and by whom was it designed….you members of the younger generation are all in to flash and instant gratification for little to no input…well guess what kids….American Chopper season is over,and the TV checks just got a lot smaller…I see Paul Sr set a world record on an elctric bike and his business is open for custom bikes as well as producing a nice little collection of production bikes,,,,I wonder how the T-shirt sales are going for jr.,and how long he can afford to have Vinny avoid going back to his own company V-Force… that no-one will be getting that free hour long commercial for their product commissioning a custom bike , I wonder what camping equiptment Jr. will want to put round bar and diamond plate chrome on next…or perhaps Paul Jr. fishing rods for $150,000.00 which would be a zebco 202 with his stolen derivative logo work on the handle…for those of you still brainwashed re watch the series…paul sr. has a temper problem, but paul jr is a liar, and takes credit for many things he had nothng in,just add the comments by other workers about wheres Paulie??? and then he returns to state how he designed and did practically everything single handed…he can cut and weld metal big whoop so could I at 14….Paul jr. qualifications…mechanic NO Cody went to school for it not him,,,wiring NO thats Vinney’s job Painting NO that was justin and Nubbs…. 3-d design work for solid works or autocad NO not that either…so what was his contribution again…..flag waving…he’s king…taking credit for oters work…he’s king, narating a never ending stream of tapdancing BS…he’s king,,,,, but bike builder not anything I’d ever trust my life with un ridable crap mostly out of a box, a little tank and fender welding any 7th grade metal shop class can do….so as much as I would wish him no harm….I wish him the ability to see himself clearly because the biker world will never accept him otherwise….by the way what bike is he showing at Bike week in Daytona ????? that would be NONE….mark my words in less than 2 years he wont even be selling t-shirts….so far Paul Jr. Designs a coleman mini camp stove they rejected and made him rebuild because it was too expensive,a dog park lol they let him put his name on because he donated the land,and a bike for himself ,where he couldnt help but to steal again and this time from his own design,,,,and Geico which no one knows who actually designed….wow !! now thats a career bike builder I would put my trust in lol

    • Uhh… not for nothing, but Paul Jr’s logo is a unique spin on the crown idea… and it’s not like Matt Hotch is original for using it either… I supposed he used that logo before Budweiser started using it? Calm down man… it’s not that serious.

      • I agree. It’s quite unique on the crown idea. As a matter of fact, it’s nice that you pointed that out because I googled “crown logo” and got tons of company logos. And Matt Hotch did one shirt with a crown but if you look more carefully you will see that the only shirt that says “logo” under the shirts is the one that says “Crime Inc.”
        And another thing, ONLY Crime Inc. has the TM beside it, meaning trademark. Hotch just did a variety of fashion designs for shirts but the actual logo is Crime Inc., and that’s why you’ll see it on shirts and stickers. NOT the crown. Nor the wings, fire, skull, heart, sword, and banner. Otherwise, every tatoo parlor in the world owes Matt Hotch a large sum of money for “stealing” his ideas.
        Claiming Paul Jr. stole the crown idea from Matt Hotch is far fetched.

      • Just for the record about the crown I wasnt saying that it wasn’t legal what he did using the crown I was pointing out what a artisticaly challenged dork he is for calling himself a designer,and using a design or concept that was already in use and IN the BIKE BUILDING WORLD…..
        For you not that familiar with artistic copyrights….. his crap logo could be considered a derivative work,,, which is frowned upon by most artists and considered stealing at worst and lacking in character and imagination at best

    • Oops, my bad. The year it was 1999.

      OCC started as a sideline to the family’s steel manufacturing enterprise, Orange County Iron Works, which was founded in the 1970s. In the late 1990s, Teutul Sr. began manufacturing custom motorcycles as an extension of his steel business, and in 1999 he founded Orange County Choppers.

      Teutul originally started out owning Orange County Ironworks, a fabrication shop now solely owned and managed by son Daniel. He began building custom bikes for pleasure after being inspired by the many custom bikes appearing on the streets and in films.[4] In 1999 he left to found Orange County Choppers and began building bikes for sale.


      He co-founded Orange County Choppers (OCC) along with his father, Paul Teutul, Sr. in 1999.


      Paul Sr. did not make bikes in his basement in the seventies.

      As for Paul Jr.’s qualifications.

      Paul Teutul Jr. — aka Junior or Paulie — was born with sheet metal in his blood. From the age of 12, he spent his summers at his father’s steel business learning all the skills of fabrication that he would later use building motorcycles. While in high school Junior also took part in a Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCE) program, which allowed him to further hone his craft.

      Soon after graduation Paul Jr. went to work for his father’s Orange County Ironworks, becoming head of its railing shop. But as his father began to spend more time building motorcycles for pleasure, he approached his son to assist. It was then that Paul Sr. recognized his son’s design and fabrication talent, and with his blessing, Junior left the rail shop to help establish Orange County Choppers as a business in 1999.

      That year, the father-and-son team debuted their bikes in Daytona to massive interest. After working as the chief designer and fabricator at OCC, Paul Jr. is ready to go out on his own.


      Obviously, his father believed in his talent for building motorcycles since his title alongside as part owner was chief designer and fabricator.

      • first you need to understand Wiki anything is contributed by readers not fact finders, 2. I didnt say he built bikes in the basement in the 70’s just that he built bikes in the late 70’s without Jr. 3. check what Paul Jr.s legal situation is about the Iron works and stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars filling bankruptcy and trying to sell of the machinery to his brother for 0 to show no liquidity so he could steal the customers money,and don’t check WIKIanything for that moron…Check NY STATE COURT Files slightly more reliable , and made public …lol
        I will give you fools this…you stick together…..
        But remember one thing as you keep calling Paul Jr. a professional bike builder…….The ARK was built by a novice,,,and the Titanic a room full of pros………..

  77. Each bike that OCC builds is uglier than the last, since Paul Jr left. I get embarrassed watching the show when it comes time for the reveal…you just know that those clients are swallowing bile while they smile for the cameras. It shouldn’t take long before OCC is gone and Sr is back to screaming at his ironworks employees–sans tv cameras.


  79. Paul , My dad was just like yours , never had any thing good to say to his 7 boys and two daughters . Well he died a lonesome man by himself. We could never please him , it was his way or the highway. So I left home at 15 to live on the streets . I have now been married 30 yrs and have 3 children and 3 grand children. My advice for you is do not treat your family or friends like your father treated you and you will be just fine. Good luck on everything you do and tell Vinnie and Mikey hello. Darryl

  80. PJD your the best. Love that Anti-venom sick webs all around.. that is one custom bike, loaded with ideas. And also the Geico bike, great bike, love the paint job and design that goes with it. I’ll be waiting for more amazing bike you’ll design. Godspeed!

  81. Paul Jr. makes me sick. The guy takes credit for other peoples work. Have fun selling your custom T-Shirts.

  82. The Anti Venom bike is great,but the design of that Geico bike is off the hook.I wonder if Jr. was juvenile enough to parade it in front of OCC, Sr. style. Not into the drama portion of it all,but I have never wanted to punch someone in the F#$%ing face as much as that back stabbing coward Jason. Stick to the coloring books and computer design,you talentless goofy bastard,it is obvious you have forgotten everything you were blessed enough to have Jr. teach you. Try designing the Mr Ed bike you buck toothed bastard.

    • everything jr taught him ??? are you nuts Paul Jr couldn’t turn that computer on that Pool uses Jr. showed up with Chicken scratches on paper that were useless to any machine they had the flowjet the CNC,,,and it was pool that actually made them in to usable designs and cad drawings that the customers signed off on to let the build proceed,,,,,, what you think to get approvals they were sending his sketches or mikey’s fingerpaints to those companies…

      See it’s blind fools like you that know nothing of design or autocad machining that keep jr’s flame alive, because everybody in the know …knows those brain fart chicken scratches just wont cut it
      he even had to subcontract the design work on the antivenom each individual wheel web took 60 hrs machining and not from paul jr.s 3-D work … do you know what that would cost ?? what an idiot
      He’s an ego maniac and will be broke very soon

  83. Both bikes look great. I hope you and the old man will work things out so you can have a family relationship. I am losing a brother to cancer and I live in topeka kansas and he lives in chicago. I try to see as much of him as I can. In the past we really did not see each other that much. Don’t wait until something like this happens to bring you closer to your dad.

  84. dont let the gap in the family get to wide once it goes too far theres no turning back just looking at the bike awsome sick keep up with the building
    nothing stranger than families

  85. Jason at OCC is a complete idiot and Rick standing around participating in the crap talk about Jr., makes him a complete dick.

    Paul Sr. is a moron and good luck to him with his current crew. Paul Jr. and Vinnie work great together and will be building some great bikes.

  86. I’d Like to see these guy’s build bikes for people who ride them .. call them bikers if you must .. but we need to see Real Bikes Built for Real Riders
    it’s just as hard and cool and the satisfaction to see something you built riden around is awesome .. get the camera time out of your heads boys .. do real work for real people


  88. Well I’m from Maine and 60yrs old I have been a fan since the first episode . The last 5yrs My self and a group of family and friends have made it a point to ride down to OCC.. If you talk to Nubs I believe he will remember us , he invited us into his shop and spent time with us and we all enjoyed it and took time and pictures with us. He is truly a talented and humane upright guy and glad you have hooked up with each other again . Your imagination and his imagination will be unstoppable .. I really feel sorry for the problem between you and your Dad , being a father and children your age I too have a hard time wrapping my head around what your dad is trying to do..I know as a Dad I want the best for my children and family and have a hard time understanding his position ..I know Occ got the heads up thru your imagination and design and he should be thankful and proud he had the resources to make it happen ..I know as a Dad he was trying to instill certain ethics but yelling and bullying is not the way to do it.. I really hope someday he will wake up before it is to late and realize what he is missing out on , no amount of money or fame is worth more than family when it is all gone all you got is the one’s who love you..I want to wish you all the best and success and learn from what you have been thru and never forget what really counts in the end … We will be taking another trip in the Fall of 2011would like to stop by and maybe say hi .. Do you like lobester?? Keep the Faith Triple – X

  89. Glad my Dad isn’t that big of a dick head. But even if I did ride his coat tails, my old man would give me props for the goods. Though he knows I’d split the profits with him. wtf…

  90. Pauly, wow..!! The bikes are looking pretty sweet!! You and Vinnie put out a mean bike and of course Mikey puts out one heck of a good laugh!!! I’m feeling a little sad for the old Pops, he isn’t looking very good and is getting very thin, I really think that if he could actually smile and come back with a positive attitude about things, his health would improve, he is so hard and cold looking these days, he really needs to stop degrading you, I don’t think he realizes how much it hurts him as well as it hurts you. Dam you guys need to at least try to talk, it sucks not having your Dad around when you become BIG!! I have no parents and lost them when I was young, it kills me to see a family torn apart …… Blessed be. Kim

  91. I have been impressed with your bikes. Myself and many others have always had the confidence in your art of the fabrication of your bikes. Your vision to build a bike is extraordinary, and has always been. I have to say that occ would not be were there are today without the talent that You expressed. You had no choice but to leave your footprints behind you. And now I am very pleased that you that you took your stand and planted your footsteps on new ground to continue building what comes out naturally to you, a great build. I wish you well on your journey of continuing success.

  92. Nice bikes Paul, i knew you could do it, but your father has giving you the chance to grow in this bussines, and even when you came to late every day he still keeps you, he has giving you all the chances to come so farr, so don,t hate him, keep up the good work anyway and i hope in the future maybe you can work together with your dad again with separete shops, greetings Kees.

  93. IMHO Paul is the artist in the family and without him Sr would have never done as well as he has . That said all these new ventures and OCC will likely fail due to economic conditions . The simple unfortunate truth is , this is probably the worst time in the last 50 or 60 years to do a start up . Custom high end motorcycles are some thing that can be done without in a tough economy . Another thing , Sr has another business that will help support OCC , Jr doesn’t have that luxury .

    • Specialty bikes are just that. They are bought by people that have money, and brains. The kind of people or buisness that will order the next creation needs a write off.

  94. jr’s a punk with to big nose holes,mikey’s a fag,and vin that does not like any of them is dumn ass for giving all that money

    • Sr. & Jr. don’t even know how perfect they were together. Sr. taught Jr. all about bikes & how to build them & Jr. came up with those great designs. Sr. Is an early bird & Jr. worked late. Always a Teutel in the shop from early morning to late nite. Neither would be where they are if not for the other.Get back together and give us what we love & get rid of the cling ons.

  95. We would like to hear some of Pauley’s feedback about what he might think ..!! Also Vinnie’s as well, is there a site that Pauley actually replies to any of these letters???????

  96. Justice, I don’t normally comment but I have to call you out. Are you in reality Paul Sr.? Your take on the lawsuit is idiotic at best. Did you even take the time to read the complaint? It lists all three Teutels. And if anyone is singled out it’s Daniel Teutel. But basically, the complaint states that the original ironworks corporation defaulted on a contract and a new corporation was set up and that the equipment, services, etc., were bought by the new company. The state contends this was, in essence, fraud. Seriously, how did you get that this was a suit against just Paulie? You lose any shred of credibility by trying to pull one over on everyone on this board.

    • Well I wasn’t going to go in to great detail,but since you think you have a handle on it…. The suit was filed against all three names as the compnay was put into transition just prior to the filing and at the Time Paul Jr. was given control of the Iron works, it wasn’t until his Father started building bikes and asked him for assistance as a fabricator did paulie entertain joining his dad in a new venture, and it was at that time Danny would take over the Iron works, but before doing that danny and Jr. got a bright idea……Larceny
      So I’m waiting for answers to all the points I’ve brought up 1. where did the Geico design come from ? 2.Did or did not paul Jr. try to milk the till at Iron Works with his brother leaving another victim of his ego in his wake ? 3. did or did not Pual jr. then again try and avoid the law by looking to sell his GIFTED 20% of OCC to an outside party after contracting to reliquish it to his father only at his departure ? 4. does his website even mention motorcycles let alone sell them ?… 5. did or did not paul Jr hire Joey Puliofico, and use that connection he had with FARO the company with the digital measuring device, again flying directly in the face of legal contracts signed prior to stop such a thing ? not to mention the only time that device was used at OCC it was attempted by Jason Pool and I remember specifically Vinny commenting it was crap and a nucence he’d rather just use paper and mark it…now their are all big fans…lol

      You sheeple need to stop drinking the Kool Aid

      P.S. I’ll stop back from time to time waiting on responses to my points showing paul jr as the ungreatful ignorant lying ass he is….good luck with that…..NO BIKES and Now no show…where will the money come from Paulie ?????… I see OCC still builds custom bikes to order as well as their production line Hmmmmmmmm….

      • Wow. Umm, I’ll try to respond. 🙂
        First, you apparently don’t understand legal documents. The suit lists ALL THREE Teutels. You want to make it all about Paulie and that is simply an ignorant statement. Second, you say that Jr. and Danny got the idea to commit larceny. Seriously? How the heck would you know that? The complaint lists Danny the most times with Senior second and Jr. third. Count it. Third, Paul Jr. took transfer of the business from Sr. and then it was moved to Danny. If you believe there was malicious intent there then it is pretty clear it originated with Sr. By the way, do you not find it surprising that Sr. would just hand over a company to Jr.? Oh, and it wouldn’t be larceny either way. Larceny is the unlawful taking of someone’s property with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of it permanently. That isn’t remotely the case here. Fourth, you have absolutely no credibility in asserting Jr. tried to sell his 20 percent of OCC. As a matter of fact, an appeals court most recently ruled in his favor: “The Appellate Division issued its ruling granting Junior’s appeal and declaring the option agreement invalid and unenforceable. In other words, the appeals court reversed a lower court’s ruling that would have forced Paul Jr to sell his 20% interest in Orange County Choppers to his father, Paul Sr, at a price to be determined by the court.” Sr. tried to bully Jr. into giving back the 20 percent and the appellate court said no way.
        You make a lot of wild accusations. You don’t know about FARO and Joe and neither do I. You don’t know if a crime was committed in regard to OCC Ironworks and neither do I. I’m not even sure what you’re referring to regarding the GEICO bike. You say PJD has no bikes. Have you watched the show? There are a lot of satisfied customers out there who would seemingly disagree with you. Do they have a production line? No. Neither did OCC in its first year of production.


  98. Paulie is a paranoid mess. Buy continuing with the law suit he proves everything his father says is correct. To prove your father wrong, walk away.
    Prove you can do it without daddy. Tell him to stick the money and go make it on your own. But you wont do it because everything hes says about you is right and you need to see a counselor about your paranoia. Also to understand that your dad is nothing special, he is just a human being with faults. Except him for what he is then make a decision, continue with the relationship or walk away, period.

  99. Hello paul jr. I just one of many fans of Portugal.
    Too bad they have never been to Portugal. but their bikes are 100% radical. and yes. only now they will eat the season. but I believe it will be a great spectacle. ja aborecimento pitied and not see you working on motorcycles. good luck. Marco Santos

  100. Paul Jr. is a punk, Sr. taught him a craft and brought him into the family business. Without the old man’s tutelage he’d be flipping burgers, Mikey on the other hand, isn’t even qualified to burn toast.

  101. Man you have a great head for design i really like the look of the insurence bike and would like to see more of that low style.I don’t know how much is real and how much is for show but I would love to shake your hand and tell you what a great man you are for not resulting to the things your father is doing you still show him respect and thats what GOD would have you to do…..GREAT JOB MAN keep it up and watch you game go to higher heights GOD BLESS YOU!

  102. Ismoss, let me get this straight. Paul trashes Paulie every chance he gets, does drive-by interviews in front of his shop, builds Paulie-lookalike dummies to launch from a catapult and sues him twice and Paulie is paranoid? Dude, seriously, do you actually know what the word “paranoid” even means?

    • There ya go again !
      I’m convinced you must be a friend of Paul jr’s or perhaps Mikey himself, selective memory at best, firstly I don’t remember Paul sr. crying when paul jr and Mikey put his face on the cardboard cutout to have a pro pitcher fire 100mph fastballs at it , as the kids chanted take his head off….in fact he probably laughed the hardest, nor do I remember any murderous conspiracy theories abound when Mikey put Paul Sr’s face on the first bike they launched, in a previous episode a paul sr mask was attached to a motorcycle then launched from a ramp off the roof, in fact paul sr. himself drove the Hummer that powered the launch, so you’re just simply a liar, and always in the defense of the kids position…hmmmmmmmmmm.
      In my previous post I numbered my issues,and you’ve addressed non of them, that is telling in and of itself, my proof is on tape or on record, yours is supposition and make believe, as far as the New York state recent ruling, it only went in paul jr’s favor on the point about the commission required to determine current compnanies value, but the suit Sr filed has served it’s purpose in whole already stopping jr. from violating his contract by trying to sell it outside of his Fathers control to the highest bidder out of spite.
      Do the math Simpleton 80% buys 20% all day long, 20% doesn’t buy 80% regardless the assumed value, so this saved this kids bacon,daddy will retain 100% of OCC rightly, and paul jr will get thrown a bone to pay off all the venders and machine supply companies he made promises to when they fronted him the machines, you can hear him making promises on the phone in previous episodes about how he will be able to come up with the money once all this lawsuit thing is settled…what a punk !……
      and I will patiently await the responses to my numbered points giving I live that long, I wonder how things will be rolling for paul jr. now that the fun part comes, he’s had the joy of big name companies fronting him expensive machinery, he’s had the joy of whining about not feeling like he had an interest to the company and receiving a gifted 20% for it, and now the court has ruled that he will get to have the joy of actually getting a fair eval of the companies net worth and make a payday out of it……
      Now the Fun paul jr. Paying all the bills you accummulated while acting like something you’re not,..hell Renegade’s bill alone will almost break him, 66 hours of machining per web ,theres 6 webs on the front wheel alone,(for those of you that don’t know Renegade Wheels made the wheels for both the Geico and the Anti venom bikes….. my bet stands, that he will file for Bankruptcy in less than 12 months from receiving a settlement…if not being sued by vendors tired of waiting ……MARK THEESE WORDS

      • Dude, you are either completely stupid or being paid by Sr. For the record, I do not know, have never talked to or live nowhere near Jr. or Mikey. Unlike you I can read and understand a legal filing, however. You say I didn’t address any of your points? Go back and read your reply then mine, Einstein. I went down the list.
        You went completely off the wire talking about the whole launching the dummy off the bike thing. Think about this for a minute: if a friend pulls a prank on you or uses you as the butt of a joke it’s cool, right? Now, imagine if said friend shot your dog, screwed your wife, fired you from your job or whatever and then pulls that joke. Is it funny then? Of course not, you would have to be brain-dead to think otherwise. Senior was doing this to his son while being estranged from said son. It was classless and in poor taste.
        And I like how you sidestep areas where you’re obviously wrong. You said, and I quote, “NO BIKES…” yet there are obviously bikes having been built by Jr.
        And how do you know anything about what has and hasn’t been fronted to Jr.?
        About the 80/20 thing. I should have known you didn’t have a handle on this, either, based on your complete lack of understanding about the Ironworks lawsuit. Sr is not suing Jr. claiming an attempt to sell the shares, he’s suing to simply get back those shares because he thinks they are owed to him. Do you understand this? You claim it stopped Paulie from doing this and that with it. You don’t know this you’re just pulling stuff out of thin air.
        Unlike you I’m not so clouded by my love of these people that I can’t see what’s going on. I know Paulie has acted like a spoiled brat in the past. But I judge a man by his actions in the present and presently Sr. is acting like what he is; a man obsessed with money, a man whose kids have all stopped speaking with him and a man who has attempted to destroy his son at every turn. Jr. has turned the other cheek and is trying to build a business for himself and his wife and employees. You think Jr. will be bankruptcy? Maybe you should take a look at GE Credit’s actions against Senior.

      • Justice….. You are spot on!!!!

        I for one could not put it into better words.

        Jr is an arrogant spoiled lazy brat that now realizes he has to get out of bed in the morning and go to work. Daddy’s not there anymore.

        Looks like he listened and learned from the ole’ man after all?

  103. P J D ROCKS, Paulie, Man I’m proud of you, a guy shouldn’t have to put up with crap like that even from the old man. You Guys will do well, people don’t want to buy stuff from people who act that way. Mikey You Rock man, Tell Vance Hi.
    Best of Luck to You Guys !!!

  104. I watched the last episode 2/7/11 Monday night and all I can say is it is about time you got rid of that little idiot, althought going over to Sr. I can’t say as what is real and what is not…. You fired him (Odie is it or just jerk off), and he is telling Sr. that he quite..!!! So what was it??? I heard you tell him to get out!! But he says something completely different. So is this a set up or what. I hope to think that you won’t stoop as low as Sr. but then again it’s all about the ratings RIGHT..!! I really enjoy watching PJD, and could do without the slams from Sr. But anyways I’ll keep watching and can’t wait until the new season to find out what is going on. The truth please!!!! Thanks KS

  105. I truly think it wasn’t scripted with Odie. The kid is just a punk who is also a bald-faced liar. Paulie kicked his butt out. It’s that simple no matter what Odie says. And what’s with Sr. sending that photo over with some kid they didn’t even know? The old man’s losing it…

  106. Well I would like to think it wasn’t scripted, but the way Sr. was talking to Odie the little jerk, sounded kinda like some kind of a set up. I would think that someone on production or camera guy would have said something to Paulie about Odie lying the way he did. Maybe it was real , but I kinda doubt it. As for the photo , that was Sr. trying to look good, but also have heard thru the grapevines that their fued was over, so who really knows what is real anymore, like I said it’s all about the ratings , the more arguments between them the better the ratings, the more backstabbing the better the ratings, face it we all love drama …… Still not convinced it isn’t a set up of some kind……..KS PS. I’ll watch it either way because my husband is hooked and there is nothing else on Monday nights… 🙂

  107. im a big fan when it first started and still am but more for paulie. I know paulie would leave but sometimes designing bikes isnt very easy, and they have not yet missed a bike showing. Paul sr with all his ranting doesnt help the morale of the employees at all. I dont like the way he treated paul jr. Ifsr didnt like what jr was doing he should help with the bikes instead of running his mouth. Paul sr mightve got jr into the business jr has has been creating them not sr. Paul has the balls to stand up for himself to his dad while others kiss ass, thats chicken shit. If that wouldve been me i wouldve taken my talents elsewhere. When he jumped vinnie one day about the shop it would him get fired if it kept was totally mean and agravating cuz he didnt do it all. He wanted to push a button on someone else cuz paul jr wouldnt take his crap PERIOD. So paul jr u did right leaving. No matter what ur father says ur the best keep up the good work, and by the way i have seen every episode.

  108. Greath job Paul Jr. and i am glad to see working with Vinnie and Cody together.

    How about Rick Petko…is still with OCC crew ?

    Stan from Romania,

  109. I’m a fan here in Manila, Philippines and we love your shows. Paulee, Vinnie and Mikey, you awed every Filipino audiences here and we pray that you continue your good work and fortune. I hope OCC hurdles its financial problems smoothly. God Bless to PJD. MABUHAY!!

  110. cant wait that green bike is f%$&*n nasty like it alot good luck jr out with the old here comes the new!!

  111. I never left a message with you guys but i hope that this one gets some attention. My name is chad hawkins and i want to say that i’ve watched you guys since day one and will always continue to do so. It’s really amazing to see your work and i know that it inspires many. I was in kentucky when you guys were that and i really enjoyed your presence even though i didn’t get the chance to meet you…I was in my boot camp phase so it was hard for me to make time for you guys..I really appreciate your character and the way you conduct yourself. I hope that one day you and your father will come together and do more extravagent things for both companies and also to better your families relationship…God bless you and and keep striving to reach the top. P.S. I know you were going to win the build off once i saw the tank…also jessie james has lost much respect cause of his lack of respect for others.

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