Your Jeremy Mayfield update: yep, it's still rolling

By Jay Busbee

March 10, 2010 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Those of you complaining about the Edwards/Keselowski drama, cheer up — at least we’re talking about on-track action. Could be worse; remember that this time last year, we were about to descend into discussion of meth use and urine tests, courtesy of one Jeremy Mayfield.

Alas, the story’s not done yet, and won’t be for some time. Quick version: Mayfield failed a drug test in May, was suspended, protested, was reinstated, failed another drug test, and was suspended again. Court cases and accusations of everything from home meth labs to murder followed; you can see a complete timeline here.

One particularly fascinating aspect of the case is the defamation lawsuit that Lisa Mayfield filed against her stepson after Jeremy accused her of being involved in the 2007 death of his father. According to Scene Daily, Lisa Mayfield’s attorney is now seeking to depose reporter David Newton: “ESPN reporter David Newton and ESPN are essential and material witnesses to the facts and circumstances involved in this cause of action,” Lisa Mayfield’s attorney wrote in a request to the North Carolina Superior Court.

And in related — literally speaking — news, Mayfield’s former brother-in-law was one of two crewmen suspended on Tuesday for violations of NASCAR’s substance-abuse policy. William David Keith, spotter for David Gilliland and brother of Mayfield’s first wife, was suspended, as was Matthew Huffstetler, a crew member on the Daisy Ramirez Motorsports No. 1 Camping World Truck series team.

Keith has been involved Mayfield’s ongoing legal problems; he claimed in a deposition last year that he saw Mayfield using methamphetamine on multiple occasions. Keith’s statements were part of NASCAR’s motion to force Mayfield to undergo a comprehensive physical and mental examination; that motion is pending.

Of course, one might expect that seeing a significant witness in a drug-use case get tagged himself for drug use might weaken said case. NASCAR spokesman Ramsey Poston tried to put a positive spin on the situation in a statement to Scene Daily: “It just shows that anyone can be tested at any time, and a positive test results in an immediate suspension.” Front Row Motorsports expressed disappointment with Keith.

Bottom line, the Mayfield story won’t be resolved for many months yet, if ever. Here’s hoping it doesn’t wreck too many more lives along the way.

SOURCE: Yahoo Sports