‘American Chopper’ to ride into the sunset

By Matt Carter

American Chopper” is getting ready to ride into the sunset. The series, which focuses on the Teutul family’s Orange County Choppers, will air its series finale on February 11.

The show itself has been in a state of flux for much of its six seasons. It moved to TLC over two years ago after spending much if its time on the Discovery Channel, and since then a massive rift has occurred inside the star family. Paul Sr. is currently suing his son over ownership of the motorcycle shop.

The Teutuls have appeared on numerous trade show and even guest-starred on an episode of “Jon and Kate Plus 8” last year.

Are you shocked that “American Chopper” is getting the axe, or are you just happy that it had a good run? Let me know your thoughts with a comment.

SOURCE: TV Examiner



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  2. As far as the show it’s self I personally watched it two ro three times. Like all the reality shows I find nothing real in them. It’s just a TV show for entetainment. As anyone that know me knows I love motorcycles…all kinds, but I never was one for watching them on TV. I like to watch supercross, but it basically ends there. I am much more of a rider than a watcher. I’d rather be doing it than watching it on TV. As far as the show goes, I really don’t care if it stays or goes…I do watch it anyway. What they build is art work and I admire that, but I’d rather build a motorcycle you can actually ride and have fun on.

  3. I am surprised that it is over and a little sad at the same time. I thought that the show still has good ratings overall. At least when compared to what else is on. It has been a good run and I watched every episode. It has been an influence in my life and continues to be so. I am sorry to see them fighting but the son’s ego is something to behold. A shame……

  4. Good riddance !!! These a-holes got way too much fame and fortune for being idiots with alittle bit of talent. Fast Freddie

  5. First, I cannot believe that anyone would watch it more than once after they saw it the first time and secondly I cannot believe that it lasted six seasons

  6. The sad part of these reality shows is they magnify family problems. I think the father/son rift would not have gotten to where it is today without the scrutiny of the show. As a growing business, I found the show very informative. As entertainment…that ended when the fighting got out of hand. Gone for good? No tlikely. The cable networks feed on this kind of thing. Paul Jr will be back for sure. I think Paul Sr is history ( or maybe he’ll just end up on the History Channel).

  7. I only watched the show one time. They all came across as egotistical and arrogant. I do not think they will be missed. Let them go away and fight over the money until they ruin each other as I am sure they will. Greed runs very deep!

  8. As a kid, I used to watch the Three Stooges and it was really entertaining, but these three arrogant Stooges were never entertaining, just a bunch of nitwits hitching a ride on the motorcycle industry. Which brings to mind the number of motorcycle industry businesses that they used until they no longer needed or wanted their help, then they copied what they wanted and cast them aside, sometimes in financial ruin. The show was all about them, the Stooges, not the motorcycle industry or motorcycling family. I say good riddance and maybe some of the guys that got hurt along the way because of them will be in agreement.

  9. It’s amazing how this show followed precisely what was going on in America. Motorcycles and the folks who build them,the lifestyle and culture were white hot for at least 5 years. People who have struggled following their passion were becoming famous and wealthy. Then the roof caved in on them and this country.
    The Teutels were lock step with what happened. The show was fun when they worked out of Sr’s garage and it was just Vinnie and the Paul’s. Mikey just glommed on and became the poster boy for no talent makes good and 15 minutes of fame. These guys became rich and famous and they were first to get a break. The show became increasingly annoying and the cast became a symbol of America before the crash. Cars,boats,mansions,motorcycles,a helicopter but most grotesque was the way they thought themselves better than their piers and actually believed their own crap. They’ve had quite a ride and it appropriatley peaked with the construction of their World Headquarters in Orange County N.Y. Talk about “Chutzpah”. These people worshiped money and couldn’t get enough! Those who live by the sword die by the sword. The good times will be missed but the Teutels won’t!

  10. The first couple of shows were entertaining but you learned fast that this was all about the stooges instead of the talent that Paully and Vinney possessed in building motorcycles. The bikes were cool in the category of “theme” bikes but not for your every day enjoyment. At Sturgis they acted as if they were “the superstars of television” when in all REALITY they were just another bunch of pin-heads scamming off a rare break that they got. If you want a REALITY show that depicts true talent then you need to look at Jim Hume of H&H Race Cars in Northern Washington state. He is the best aluminum worker I have ever seen! He has been building a land speed record car for the last few years and when it is finished…..everyone in the racing world will be on notice, stay tuned! He makes American Chopper look like amateurs. Thank God its over!!! Long overdue……….

  11. Mayhem said it right, the Three Stooges can ride (or walk for all I care) into the sunset. There 15 minutes is up, five seasons ago.

  12. It was very lame from the start-Orange County heh heh yeah right New York ! That fat daddy always showing off those flabby biceps in his cut-off shirts like he was packin some real weapons around ha ha what a slob poser ! Hope his lawyers pick his greedy pockets !

  13. I watched the show off and on over the 6 years. Yes. Too over the top to a degree, and huge egos, no doubt. I suppose being yanked out of nowhere to worldwide fame will do that to you, not to mention the $$ that comes with it. I always got the impression a lot of the fighting, anger, inner manuevering was turned up quite a a bit for the “show” and to create the tension and drama that these reality shows thrive on. Nobody is going to watch if it all goes like clockwork and everyone gets along. The Boyd Coddington Hot Rod show was the same. They were ALWAYS behind schedule, in the last-minute scramble to get it pulled together before some imminent drop-deadline. After a while it’s like…OK…can somebody get a grip here and actually work within a planned, laid out schedule where everyone KNOWS when it’s supposed to be finished up and ready??
    Be that as it may, I always admired their grab a piece of metal, a torch, some tools, and get it built ability. That is indeed a talent, and you can’t take that away from them. They built some cool stuff, and have vision and ability. Too bad it ulitmately winds up being shredded when the fame, money, egos, and attitude gets out of hand and ruins it. Happend before. Will happen again.

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