JIMS®, H-D Cruise Drive & S.E. 6-Speed Transmission Rebuild Kits

JIMS®, a premier manufacturer of performance parts and specialty tools for use on Harley-Davidson®, has just released two new time saver transmission rebuilt kits for both the Harley Davidson® 6-Speed Cruise Drive and the H-D® Screamin’ Eagle 6-Speed. These kits are available under one part number per model, either in Cruise Drive or Screamin’ Eagle transmissions. Kit shown is JIMS® No.1067 for Dyna 6- Speed Cruise Drive. JIMS®, is one of the 1st to offer a transmission rebuilt kit for any of the Twin Cam Cruise Drive models. Kits include a JIMS® complete gasket set with all necessary o-rings, oil pan gaskets and seals. Also included in these kits are all the necessary required bearings, retainers, main shaft and counter shaft nuts. Minor instruction and a parts list are included. Visit JIMS® on the web at, www.jimsusa.com or for more information, call 805-482-6913.