Extreme Form Products, cuts prices in half on both ATV and UTV model carrier racks.

In an order to make our products more affordable to the people who need them, In this economic situation, we have cut out the middle man , and have gone direct to the public through our web site.

Ivins, UT – December 1, 2009 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – To all of our ATV / UTV enthusiasts, customers, and soon- to -be customers who have shown so much interest in our Extreme Form ATV carrier racks, We have an exciting announcement to make, starting as of now, in an effort to help minimize the financial crunch that we have all experienced, Extreme Form Products, ( ATV carrier racks) will for now eliminate the middle man by selling directly to the public through our web site @ www.extremeformatv.com This will allow us to cut the price of both the ATV and the UTV models of our racks by almost 50% through the hollidays and beyond, We feel that our Extreme Form ATV carrier racks are so incredebly beneficial, so practical and now so affordable, that you cannot  ignore this opportunity.

Let me tell you why:

Extreme Form Products LLC. is a company made up of  people who first of all, use ATV,s . We also haul them in the bed of our own trucks when we go camping, fishing or hunting, Our racks were developed as a result of a broken rear truck window, and no place to haul our gear, with out taking an additional trailer, not to mention the open tail gate issues. so now you know that we use our own product, and a little about who we are.

  1. The Extreme Form carrier rack will protect the rear window of the truck from breakage during loading, transport, and unloading of your ATV. Rear window replacement can cost hundreds of dollars, even if you only have to pay the deductible.
  2. The Extreme Form carrier rack will place the ATV / UTV inside the truck bed 8 to 10 inches deeper than if you carry your ATV horizontally in the bed. This increases the possibility of closing the tail gate. Now you can bring the ATV, have a secure gear storage area under the rack, in the truck bed, and take the boat or camp trailer etc.
  3. The Extreme Form carrier rack, by design promotes a low center of gravity, by keeping the rear wheels of the ATV in the bottom of the truck bed. This is a safety feature  that is important when hauling in uneven terrian.
  4. The Extreme Form carrier racks are made of steel, with a high uv protective powdercoat finish, The ATV model weighs aprox 46 lbs, the UTV model weighs aprox 78 lbs, and are built to last, and now they cost less than a good pair of boots.
  5. So with prices at 50% less, you can afford to buy more stuff to take, make it easier to take, pay for the rack with the repair bill savings, and enjoy life a little more on us.

Give us a try, you wont be diappointed! http://www.extremeformatv.com

Gordon Bone, President
Extreme Form Products LLC.