Chinese Entrepreneurs Gather Together to Explore the Chinese Approach to New Business Civilization

The 8th China Entrepreneur Summit 2009

BEIJING, – November 16, 2009 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – On December 5 and December 6, 2009, The 8th China Entrepreneur Summit 2009, co-sponsored by the China Entrepreneur Magazine and the China Entrepreneur Club, will be held in Beijing. At that time, more than 700 leading domestic and international business leaders will attend this event, to further discuss whether China, which is out of the economic crisis, can become a dominant force in building a new business civilization.

On this occasion as the first decade of the 21st century draws to an end, exploring a new business civilization is becoming a global activity. The climate crisis caused by over-consumption of traditional energy resources is almost upon us; the global financial crisis caused by the Wall Street model has shocked the world. Can mankind find a new way to continuously promote social progress? In order to explore this important topic, the theme of the 8th China Entrepreneur Summit 2009 has been finalized as “The Chinese Approach to New Business Civilization.” Under this major theme, four topic forums have been established: “Portraying the New Commercial Civilization,” “In the Year 2010: Greater Certainty,” “Seeking a Path for the Joint Progress of State-owned and Private Enterprises,” and, “World-class Companies of Japan, South Korea, and China Learn from Each Other.” In addition, more than ten sub-forums have been established surrounding the core topics: “Ambition and the trap of China’s automobile industry,” “New energy investment: aura and foam,” “How to improve low-carbon competitiveness of enterprises,” “Can the 3G revolution hasten the forming of a new business leader,” “Why private enterprises can no longer be ‘land kings’,” “Leadership heritage in the crisis era,” “Charm and confusion of female leaders,” and so on, for in-depth and comprehensive study from all aspects.

More than 150 important guests will deliver speeches and participate in discussions and make announcements at the annual summit. Currently, the following guests have confirmed their participation in the summit: Wang Zhongyu, President, China Enterprise Confederation & China Enterprise Association; Wu Jinglian, Senior Research Fellow, Development Research Center, State Council of China; Xu Lejiang, Baosteel Group Co. Ltd.; Ning Gaoning, Chairman, COFCO Corporation; Ren Jianxin, General Manager, China National Chemical Corporation; Liu Chuanzhi, Chairman & President, Legend Holdings Ltd.; Ma Yun, Chairman of the Board & CEO, Alibaba (China) Net Technology Co. Ltd.; Li Dongsheng, Chairman, TCL Corporation; Hou Weigui, Chairman, ZTE Corporation; Mai Boliang, President, China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd.; Xu Heyi, Chairman of the Board, Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co., Ltd.; Jin Zhiguo, Chairman, Tsingtao Brewery Co., Ltd.; Stephen S. Roach, Chairman of Asia Morgan Stanley; Fan Gang, President, National Economic Research Institute (NERI); Joseph B. Fuller, Global CEO, Monitor Group; Wang Jianlin, Chairman, Dalian Wanda Group Co.,Ltd.; Ren Zhiqiang, President, Beijing Huayuan Group; Zhang Jindong, Chairman, Suning Appliance Company Limited; He Xiangjian, Board Chairman, Midea Group; Zhang Xuebin, President, Skyworth Group; Lee Kunyao, former Chairman, BenQ Corporation; Zhang Yaqin, Global Corporate Vice-President of Microsoft Corporation & Chairman of China Research and Development Group of Microsoft Corporation; Lin Zhenggang, President, Cisco Systems (China) Networking Technology Co., Ltd.; Guo Kezun, Global Senior Vice-chairman of AMD Global, President of AMD China; Amit Midha, President, Dell Greater China; Zhang Yongli, Global Vice-president, HP Co., Ltd.; Meng Pu, Global Senior Vice-president & President of China, QUALCOMM Company; Li Yi, President of China, UBS; Chen Yaochang, President, China Wal-Mart; Wei Sun Christianson, CEO, Morgan Stanley China; Zhang Liesheng, President & CEO, SAP China; Guan Zhihua, Chairman of the Board, BASF Group Greater China Region; Zhu Jia, Managing Director of Bain Capital Asia, LLC; Andrew Y. Yan, Principal Partner, Softbank Asia Infrastructure Fund; Zhao Linghuan, President, Hony Capital Co., Ltd; Ma Xuezheng, Partner, Texas Pacific Group; Deng Feng, General Manager of Board, Northern Light Venture Capital; Li Wanshou, President, Shenzhen Capital Group Co. Ltd.; and Zhu Min, Chairman of the Board, Cybernaut (China) Venture.

So far, seven annual summits have been held successfully. It has become a high-end platform for business giants, government officials, and academic elites, and an annual top event which integrates the entrepreneurial spirit and the images and individual personalities of entrepreneurs in the business community. The annual summit is committed to promoting the logical connection between the government and enterprises and to promote local and global business intelligence integration. Each annual summit has won consistent attention and recognition from the industry, thanks to profound and forward-looking themes, high-level speakers and fruitful outcomes.

In addition to profound and forward-looking annual lectures, as well as fascinating brainstorming discussion forums, the “Awards Ceremony for the 25 Most Influential Entrepreneurs of 2009” has been arranged and the ranking of “The 25 Most Influential Entrepreneurs,” will be released at the same time. At that time, over 10 honored guests will present awards to the 25 award winners and over 500 entrepreneurs will extend their congratulations. This year, China Entrepreneur Magazine will release the list of “The Most Influential Foreign-funded Companies,” in this awards ceremony to pay tribute to those foreign-funded enterprises which work together with Chinese enterprises with outstanding results.

China Entrepreneur Magazine released the ranking of “The 25 Most Influential Entrepreneurs,” at the annual summit in 2003. In the following six years, the list has drawn attention from all industries and the media, and also became the barometer that reflects the annual achievements of Chinese business leaders. Since 2007, “The 25 Most Influential Entrepreneurs,” has traditionally been announced at evening parties where celebrities gather for one high point after another. Grand parties, showing the unique charismatic charm of entrepreneurs, incorporate elegant art appreciation to bring joyful experiences to guests.

The rankings mainly ascertain the influence of business leaders. Influence is determined by eight indicators: international influence, innovation, industry influence, influence in capital markets, public influence, forward-looking vision, leadership and social responsibility. Through three stages including finalizing of the candidates, expert jury selection and website selection on and the website of the China Entrepreneur, 25 winners are determined by the end of November.

Special activities include director exchanges, release of research reports, luncheons, the closing dinner, and the release of on-site summit survey results. Moreover, China Entrepreneur Magazine will launch an annual issue after the end of the summit to cover the exciting contents of the summit and predict the business leaders of 2010.


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