LeoVince is opening enrollment for dealer open house and special events support.

RICHMOND, CA – November 18, 2009 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – LeoVince prepares for 2010 and offers dealer enrollment for Open House Season.

In an effort to increase support to U.S. dealers, LeoVince is opening an enrollment for dealer open house and special events support.

If you’re a dealer planning an open house or special event in 2010, LeoVince is offering support in a variety of ways ranging from; POP and display support, staff support, product support and possible vehicle attendance at your location.

Tim Calhoun, EVP of LeoVince USA states, ‘Open house and dealer events are a critical tool in boosting the visibility and sales at your dealership and we want to support dealers in this. LeoVince U.S.A. is happy to step-up and pledge support on a variety of levels, to as many dealers as we can in 2010. This is just one more way in which LeoVince is on your side.’

If you are looking for support please contact Jon Bekefy, marketing manager at marketing@leovinceusa.com or by phone at 510-232-4040. LeoVince pledges to support as many events as possible, so early contact is key to getting support for your events.

LeoVince is a division of Sito Gruppo Industriale based in Monticello d’Alba, Italy. Sito is the largest exhaust manufacturer in Europe. LeoVince USA brands include SBK for sportbikes, Scoot for scooters, X3 for off-road and ATVs and Sito for low-cost OEM replacement. LeoVince products are sold dealer direct and distributed to U.S. motorcycle dealers by Tucker Rocky.


Timothy F. Calhoun, Executive VP
1445B South 50th Street
Richmond, CA 94804