Akron Manufacturer Celebrates 80 Years of Operation

GMP Friction Products Survives Economic Downturn, Offers Expanded Services

AKRON, OH – October 23, 2009 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – GMP Friction Products, a leading manufacturer of friction materials for industrial applications, has met the recent economic challenges and is poised to offer expanded services to new and existing customers. No surprise, since the company was founded in the same year as the Wall Street Crash of 1929 and survived the Great Depression while still in its infancy.

“In our 80 years of operation, GMP Friction Products has grown from offering materials for brake pads to providing a full range of friction materials to suit any friction need,,” said Jerry Lynch, President of GMP Friction Products. “We’re proud to serve the friction needs of manufacturers from around the world, and are working hard to expand our product line to meet all of their friction challenges.”

The company was founded in 1929 as General Metals Powder Company. Their metallic friction materials were originally produced for use in brake pads for city buses and other heavy duty applications. Over the years they have expanded to offer brake and clutch parts for manufacturers in the agricultural, ATV, construction, aerospace, industrial, and specialty markets.

GMP Friction Products has expanded to offer paper friction materials in addition to their traditional metallic friction materials. The company is also widely known for its engineering support and parts design assistance, small quantity ordering for prototyping and specialty parts. In addition, they have recently added Trumph laser cutting services.

GMP Friction Products produces brake pads and clutch plates for manufacturers of off-road vehicles, ATVs, agricultural machinery, industrial equipment, and marine applications. Their engineering expertise and range of available friction materials and groove patterns allow them to carefully select the best material and part design for any application. GMP Friction Products’ engineering department also offers extensive custom design for a wide range of specialized projects.

For 80 years, GMP Friction Products has designed and manufactured brake pads and clutch plates for use in a variety of industrial and automotive applications. As a leader in sintered metallic friction materials, they specialize in working with clients to engineer and create customized parts in a range of materials for controlling, stopping, or transmitting power. They also offer paper friction materials for brake and clutch parts. For more information, call 330-633-1226 or visit their website at www.gmpfriction.com.